False Bomb Alarm Causes Emergency At Menorca Airport

After landing on the island in a particular section of the runway, the Civil Guard began checking the bags and boarding passes of the passengers.

The false bomb alert that occurred on easyJet flight EZY-8303 from London-Gatwick, which was being flown by an Airbus A319 bearing the registration G-EZAO, has resulted in the full restoration of all operations at Menorca Airport, which had been partially disrupted earlier on this Sunday at 19:10 local time.

When the warning was supposedly discovered on a social network that belonged to a group of young people who were coming to the island for a party, the emergency procedure had to be implemented.

The aircraft touched down at 16:44, which was just a half an hour later than expected. It made its landing at a specific location inside the Menorcan facility so that the Civil Guard, who had been standing by for it, could inspect all of the baggage belonging to the passengers as well as the cabin and hold of the airplane.

After the agents, followed by the dogs of the explosives unit, had examined the baggage and the freight that had been dropped on the runway, the passengers of the plane disembarked one by one from the aircraft.

Before the Civil Guard would allow the passengers to leave, they were required to provide identification and display their own baggage. This was done to ensure that the warning wasn’t a fake one.
According to photographs that have been posted by a number of different media outlets, the aircraft has been accompanied by an F-18 fighter jet from the Spanish Air Force after entering national airspace in order to comply with the same security routine.

The sounding of the alarm has caused a commotion in the terminal of the airport in Menorca, but the operations have not been significantly disrupted as a result. The only exceptions to this are another Ryanair flight to London, which has departed almost two hours later than scheduled, and of course the same plane from easyJet.

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