Brazil’s Gol Boosts US Connections

Both Miami and Orlando are accessible by air with GOL. GOL Linhas Aéreas, a Brazilian airline, recently made the announcement that it would expand the number of flights it operates each week between Brasilia International Airport (BSB) and the United States. GOL uses its Boeing 737 MAX 8 fleet on two of the longest non-stop flights with this aircraft type. These flights are now served from this hub, which is located between Miami International Airport (MIA) and Orlando International Airport (MCO), both of which are served by GOL. Let’s look at this more, shall we?

Adding frequencies

After a two-year break brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic, GOL has only recently resumed service on the routes that connect Brazil and the United States. On May 13 and May 17, respectively, the airline resumed operating several flights each week to and from the cities of Orlando and Miami.

On July 1, GOL began departing each and every day, which resulted in an increase of 80 percent in both the number of flights and seats.

Customers coming from various regions of Brazil benefit from the consistent flight schedule since they are able to make rapid connections in Braslia and finish their trip to Florida in a single day. This is because the flights stay on the same timetable.

According to Bruno Balan, who is in charge of strategic airline planning at GOL,

“GOL is prepared to make domestic connections to the United States in just 50 minutes,” particularly for connecting flights departing from Congonhas, Guarulhos, RIOgaleo, Santos Dumont, Salvador, Fortaleza, Belém, Curitiba, Florianópolis, and Porto Alegre. “GOL is prepared to make domestic connections to the United States in just 50 minutes.”

The paths taken

When flying these routes, GOL utilizes its Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, which, when configured for international service, have the capacity to seat up to 176 people.

The daily G3 7602 flight leaves Brasilia at 9:50 in the morning and arrives in Orlando at 17:10 the same day (local time).

Trip G3 7601, which departs Orlando at 22:10 and arrives in Brasilia at 7:10 the following day, is the return flight from Orlando to Brazil’s capital. Takeoffs begin at 10:00 from Braslia (G3 7748), and they arrive in Miami at 17:05. This is the route that goes to Miami. The flight number G3 7749, which is the return trip, leaves at 21:30 and arrives in Brasilia at 6:20.

These two itineraries are among the longest ones that a Boeing 737 MAX can fly nonstop without needing to make a stop.

The distance between Brasilia and Orlando is 3,778 miles, making it the longest flight in the world. It is the longest flight in the world since it is longer than the route that Aerolneas Argentinas operates between Buenos Aires and Punta Cana (3,728 miles).

In the meanwhile, the journey from Brasilia to Miami covers a distance of 3,598 miles and is the fourth-longest one that can be completed on a MAX aircraft (the third-longest is also operated by GOL, between Braslia and Cancn).

The most recent news from GOL

An “air bridge” was established between the Guarulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo and the Aeroparque in Buenos Aires by GOL and Aerolneas Argentinas last month as part of an expanded codeshare arrangement between the two airlines.

As of the month of July 2022, GOL Linhas Aéreas is providing around 4,158 flights each week across Brazil and the Americas. GOL still has to recover back 25 percent of the volume it had before the pandemic in order for the airline to start generating money again, but it has already returned to its 2019 levels of profitability.

Throughout the course of the year, GOL was responsible for transporting 10.69 million passengers, as shown by the statistics published by Brazil’s civil aviation authority.

In terms of the number of passengers transported, GOL comes in third position, after LATAM (11.48 million passengers) and Azul (11.48 million passengers) (10.85 million passengers). In the year 2022, GOL has only transported 230,278 people over international waters.

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