Air Serbia Will Launch Seven New Routes

Within a span of less than a week, Air Serbia has launched seven new routes, and the airline will soon launch two more. It took Air Serbia less than a week to begin service from Belgrade to the cities of Bologna, Bari, Hannover, Lyon, Nuremberg, Salzburg, and Trieste. This represents a considerable expansion of the airline’s route network.

They are two of the eleven routes that Air Serbia has either begun service on or will begin service on this year from Belgrade. The internal connection to Ni, which is 128 miles (206 kilometers) in length, began operations in January, followed by Valencia in April. Later in this week, Palma and Sochi will join them on the Black Sea, bringing the total number of participants to four.
Air Serbia is introducing seven new flights that will originate in the city of Belgrade.

Below you can find information on the seven. It will become clear that none of them face direct competition. Air Serbia is the sole company that operates this route. More crucially, Bologna and Bari are brand-new; they have never previously had service to or from Belgrade, at least not during the last twenty years.

Wizz Air connected Belgrade from Hannover, Lyon, Nuremberg, and Salzburg, while Air Serbia serviced Trieste for years until May 2011, thus it is returning after 11 years. Among the others, Trieste was served by Air Serbia for years until May 2011. It’s interesting to note that Lyon, Nuremberg, and Salzburg only existed for six to seven months each, while Hannover was around for far longer, from May 2017 all the way up to January 2021.

Beginning on June 6th, Bologna will have three flights per week on the ATR-72; there will be no direct competition.

Bari: June 5th, ATR-72, three times per week; there is no direct competition
There is no direct competition in Hannover on June 3rd, with the A319 flying three times a week.

On June 3rd, the A319 will run twice weekly and there will be no direct competition.
On June 6th, the A319 will run twice weekly in Nuremberg; there is no direct rivalry.
ATR-72, twice weekly, and the 7th of June in Salzburg; there is no direct competition
ATR-72 service will begin on June 2 in Trieste, and there will be no direct competition.

Each of the seven lines operates on a “split schedule,” which means that the hours of departure and arrival change throughout the day. When a route has a low frequency, this is done to maximize the connections that can be made across a hub. Air Serbia prioritizes both point-to-point and transit passengers in order to meet the needs of its customers. 

Due to the fact that the schedule is split, cities such as Hannover, for instance, have connections in both directions to destinations such as Athens, Bucharest, Dubrovnik, Istanbul, Ni, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Skopje, Sofia, Thessaloniki, and Tivat via Belgrade. Other cities that Hannover can reach via Belgrade include Thessaloniki and Tivat.

This week sees the launch of two more routes.

This week also sees the launch of new routes from Belgrade to Palma and Sochi, with the latter being the only one of the three to include direct competition from another scheduled airline. Between August and October of 2011, the Russian airline Donavia used B737-500s for a total of 13 trips.

Sochi is making a comeback, thanks in part to the fact that Serbia is not a member of the EU and that it continues to allow flights to Russia. As a consequence of this, it should not come as a surprise that Air Serbia has drastically raised the price of flights between Russia and Europe given the limited number of other options for traveling to Europe. According to its website, for instance, the cost of a roundtrip trip from London to Sochi in July is close to one thousand pounds.

Beginning on June 11th, Palma will have two flights per week on an A319 or A320; there is currently no direct competition.

Starting on June 12th, the A319 will run twice weekly in Sochi; there will be no direct competition.

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