SalamAir intends to fly between Muscat to Bangkok

Within Southeast Asia, Bangkok will become the low-cost carrier’s second destination after Kuala Lumpur.
The most cost-effective airline in Oman Following the announcement that it would begin operating direct flights to one of the most popular travel destinations throughout the globe, SalamAir is working to improve the air connection between Asia and the Middle East. The airline will begin operating flights between Muscat and Bangkok in the middle of December, making Bangkok its second destination in Thailand after Phuket. Passengers flying with the airline may look forward to flight services between the two cities.

Arrival in the city of Bangkok

Nonstop flights via Muscat International Airport and Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport are going to start operating on December 18th, with the intention of catering to the growing demand for leisure travel in both locations. The Omani airline will provide service on this route three times each week, with departures from Muscat taking place on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

Flight numberDeparture timeArrival timeOperational days
OV 467 (MCT – BKK)18:45
03:45 +1
08:10 +1
06:30 +1

The flights are then planned to depart from Bangkok on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. These departures are arranged in advance. Flights will be flown by SalamAir’s fleet of Airbus A320neo aircraft, each of which can presently accommodate 180 people. As a result, the airline will be able to provide around 540 seats on this route. The trip duration is roughly six hours.

Flight numberDeparture timeArrival timeOperational days
OV 468 (BKK – MCT)04:45

increasing our footprint in Southeast Asian countries

Since SalamAir commenced operations in 2017, the low-cost airline has expanded an acceptable internal route network that now covers Masirah, Salalah, Suhar, and Duqm. SalamAir also serves as a connection between Muscat and Duqm. The low-cost airline seems to have expanded even farther internationally, with destinations such as Dubai, Doha, Riyadh, Istanbul, Prague, Lucknow, Bahrain, and Kathmandu, to mention a few.

Despite this, the airline did not have a presence in Southeast Asia until December 2019, when it started offering direct flights to Phuket, which is a popular tourist destination in Thailand. Not only is SalamAir making air travel more easy for its customers by beginning service to Bangkok in December of this year, but it is also demonstrating its dedication to expanding its presence in the area by doing so.

Captain Mohamed Ahmed, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the airline, has confirmed the growth plans.

We are delighted to announce the launch of direct flights between Muscat and Bangkok, as we anticipate that this will stimulate growth in Oman’s tourist industry, as well as in economic relationships and commercial prospects between Oman and Thailand.

The growth of the airline’s route network is a central focus of the company’s strategy, which aims to “create a strong pan-international presence by linking an expanding number of destinations along new sectors.”

In this post-pandemic period, given how swiftly SalamAir may develop in Southeast Asia, it is conceivable that another destination within the area will be launched in the near future. A vacation spot in Indonesia or maybe Myanmar would be in order. However, the low-cost airline would be in competition with Oman Air, which is the country’s official carrier and has a large presence in the area.

At the moment, the national airline runs many flights every week to the countries of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, as well as to the Philippines. In addition to this, Oman Air has partnerships with four other airlines in Southeast Asia; hence, SalamAir will face competition in at least a few of the nations in which it aims to operate next within the area.

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