5 US Airlines Lowering Onboard Wi-fi Costs

When major U.S. airlines first began offering In-Trip Connectivity (IFC) in 2008, a single flight pass may cost as much as $40 or more, depending on the carrier.

People’s online behavior is changing as they adapt to working, attending school, and consuming entertainment material from the comfort of their own homes, which is increasing the need for high-speed internet access in the air.

For the time being, here is a list of 5 airlines that have already recognized their customers’ requirements and are actively striving to satisfy them:


After cutting Wi-Fi tariffs by 42 percent a few months ago, United now charges a new U$10 basic fee on domestic flights and an even lower $8 fee on some international routes.

The MileagePlus program offers its members a two-dollar discount on domestic flights as an additional perk.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines was a pioneer in offering low-cost in-flight Wi-Fi for as little as $8 a day, which was later adopted by other airlines.

Customers who simply need access to iMessage or WhatsApp when traveling and do not want to pay for Internet connectivity will be able to receive the messages free of charge.

Through its in-flight entertainment platform, the airline also provides access to movies, live and on-demand television, and other entertainment options.


Delta provides a more affordable service, with customers paying just $5 for the length of their journey. A321ceos and select 737-800, 737-900, and 757-200 aircraft equipped with Viasat are eligible for the service, which means it is accessible on approximately half of all domestic flights, according to the company.


Alaska Airlines is a commercial airline based in Seattle, Washington.

In order to keep up with the competition, Alaska Airlines has likewise reduced its fares to $8 per person.

The internet speed of the customers allows them to view their favorite episodes on Netflix, Prime, YouTube, or any other major streaming site, depending on their location.

It is important to note that, although satellite Wi-Fi is now accessible on 79 percent of Alaska Airlines’ fleet, some 737-9 MAX and all Q400 planes do not have this capability.


Spirit Airlines rates vary depending on the route and length of the trip, and average $6.50, but may be as low as $3. As a result, Spirit is one of the airlines that offers one of the most affordable and high-quality internet packages available on the market. Spirit aims to be able to provide Wi-Fi across its whole fleet once the project is done.

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