Air App Picks NDC Material From Different Airlines Through Kyte’s One-to-many Api

Kyte, a travel software company that provides a white label distribution API to connect airlines and travel sellers, has announced a new partnership with App in the Air, a technology company that caters to frequent flyers and the airlines that serve them. Kyte is a white label distribution API provider that connects airlines and travel sellers.

As part of this agreement, Kyte’s modern and simple-to-implement API will help App in the Air achieve its goal of becoming the world’s leader in NDC distribution by providing its six million users with greater transparency and options through a seamless experience throughout the entire trip lifecycle.

The App in the Air customer base of small and medium-sized businesses and unmanaged business travelers will now have simplified access to airline material, including both NDC and low-cost carriers, made accessible via the Kyte API, which is now available to them.

The whole range of ancillaries and fare families are included in this, in addition to bag and seat option. Kyte’s technology, which provides efficient direct access to NDC material from airlines without the need to interact with each airline separately, makes this feasible for App in the Air (and thus avoiding the hurdles and costs associated with an NDC integration).

Aeroplanes and travel merchants that connect using the Kyte API, which is licensed as a SaaS, benefit from an autonomous partnership in which they retain control over their negotiated rates and incentives, as well as a lightweight platform that is easy to upgrade and stay up with customer expectations.

“Airlines all over the world are asking themselves, ‘How can I attract and retain quality passengers in the mobile space?’,” says Andy Palacios, Director of Growth and Strategic Partnerships at App in the Air.

Direct reservations with NDC connection, on the other hand, are the solution! Furthermore, this enables businesses to upsell by offering easy-to-purchase ancillaries and upgrades to their customers. However, as a travel vendor, attempting to integrate even a single airline’s NDC solution is overly difficult and time-consuming — in contrast, Kyte’s clear one-to-many API and onboarding process is great in contrast.”

Alice Ferrari, Founder and CEO of Kyte, gives her perspective. “As a personal user of App in the Air, I’m overjoyed to report that they have agreed to become a partner with us. With a highly innovative idea and a rapidly developing, mobile-first user base, our Kyte API is well positioned to take advantage of the one-to-many NDC potential that our API provides. With today’s announcement, we have taken another step closer to achieving our goal of bringing about a complete revolution of the whole flight booking experience using innovative distribution and retail technologies.”

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