Uber’s Newest App Update Includes Evs Party Buses & Stadium Food

Uber has recently rolled out a number of new capabilities with the intention of documenting the whole trip. Uber has the long-term goal of evolving into a “super-app” in order to broaden the range of services it offers and perhaps raise income.

This coming summer, the business will extend its app’s functionality in the United Kingdom to encompass travel through trains, buses, flights, and rental cars.

The following are some of the features that were introduced at the Go/Get virtual event:

Travel Uber

Once a user has associated their Gmail account with the Uberapp, the app will begin to gather booking information and arrange it in a centralized location. This includes information on flights, hotels, and meal plans.

The function will be accessible to users in the United States beginning on Monday, and in Canada during the next several weeks.

Uber Charter

People will be able to make reservations for big vehicles such as party buses, passenger minibuses, and buses directly via the app, with rates being shown before the reservation is made.

There is an Uber driver at the stadium.

Both Uber Eats and Postmates now provide on-site booking capabilities at certain venues in the United States and France respectively.

Users are able to make orders ahead of time at the concession stands located inside their stadiums, allowing them to bypass the line when the food is available.

The following stadiums in the United States will provide the service: Dodger and Angel Stadiums in California; Yankee Stadium in New York; Capital One Arena in Washington, District of Columbia; Minute Maid Park in Houston; PayPal Park in San Jose, California; and Roajon Park in Rennes, France.

Voice ordering

Customers can only order from Uber Eats by saying “OK Google” and requesting food.

The Uber app is now only available in the English language globally, although support for more languages is planned over the next months.

Comfort provided by an Electric Uber

As a direct consequence of this upgrade, users will have the ability to drive luxury electric vehicles such as Teslas and Polestars. On Tuesday, the function started being used in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Dubai. It is anticipated that the capability would soon become available in more locations.

The electric vehicle charging hub and card.

A new feature has been added to the app by the corporation to cater to motorists who have an interest in learning more about electric vehicles. The Electric Vehicle Hub (EV Hub) is marketed to drivers as “a single window where they (drivers) may acquire information and incentives to join the electrical revolution and even compare the cost of owning an EV with a non-EV.” [Citation needed]

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