Best Cycling Ride Organizer Applications

Riders of any age may benefit from the sense of independence that comes with hopping on two wheels and setting out on their bicycle. There is a whole world out there waiting to be discovered, and there are so many reasons to ride a bike, including commuting to work or school, getting in shape, going on an adventure, lowering one’s own carbon footprint, and a lot of other reasons as well.

However, despite its seeming ease, it is not always a straightforward undertaking. Sticking to a route or taking the quickest travel might be difficult if you do not have a clear sense of where you are going, and it is quite simple to get disoriented if you do not have such an idea. The most straightforward approach to solving this issue is to plan a route in advance of your trip and make use of technology to assist you in planning a route that is tailored to your specific requirements.

This entails making use of a bike route planner, of which there are a plethora of options accessible online or through applications, so that any rider may take use of helpful and intuitive direction. This article takes a look at some of the most useful bike route planners and discusses what sets them apart from the competition.

Is there a way to navigate by bike using Google Maps?

Yes, it does, and the fact that Google is such a household brand means that it is naturally the first place that many people visit when they are searching for a bike route planner. On the other hand, depending on the kind of riding you have in mind, it is possible that it is not always the best platform to utilize in a given situation.

If you are just utilizing your bike as a mode of transportation and need to travel from point A to point B, then Google Maps is an excellent tool to use. It is possible for you to identify the route that is the fastest or the shortest, as well as other routes that are less noisy and keep you away from congested areas of traffic. What it is unable to do, on the other hand, is assist you in the planning of a route that is primarily meant for recreational purposes, such as one that is picturesque, adventurous, or traverses exceptionally difficult terrain. This is particularly important to keep in mind if you want to do any riding off-road.

Our recommendations for the top online bicycle route planners

We’ve compiled a list of the finest five bike route planners available online, giving you a choice that takes into account every possible aspect of the experience. You are sure to be able to discover a bike route planner that is suitable for your requirements here, regardless of whether you ride on or off-road, ride to work, ride for tourism, or anything else in between.


The GPS tracking program known as Komoot was developed specifically to assist cyclists in navigating both on and off roads while they are out enjoying the great outdoors. You are able to plan your route in advance and take into consideration a wide variety of aspects, such as the terrain, the slope, the total distance, and many other things. Your previously stored route is then able to be downloaded to your navigation device (it is compatible with Garmin devices, Android Wear, Wahoo Elemnt, and many other devices), allowing you to get real-time information on the route while you ride. After completing your journey, you will be able to add images and other information to the route, and then share this information online with your friends and other cyclists.

OS Maps

It is absolutely necessary to have the Ordnance Survey’s OS Maps software on your mobile device if you want to do any kind of cycling touring in the United Kingdom. It is the only software that combines the whole National Cycle Network, making it unsurpassed for riders who want to cycle across the nation on the routes that are friendly for cycling and making it the best option for cyclists who wish to do so. You may also browse for routes that were developed by other people and test them out; alternatively, you can construct your own routes, submit them, and share them with other users.

Best Cycling Ride Organizer Applications - Travelrnews
Best Cycling Ride Organizer Applications – Travelrnews

Cyclers Navigation

Originally created for the Czech Republic but now supporting cities all over the world, Cyclers Navigation is the perfect complement for people who want to cycle as part of an integrated approach to transportation. In addition to route planning, you can get real-time location and availability information on city bike-sharing schemes. Your rides can be tracked and can contribute to a heat map, which shows you where you ride most often and allows you to earn badges for achievements, helping to keep you motivated. Compared to many navigation apps, this one is especially easy on your phone’s battery life, too.

Bike Citizens

Urban bikers all throughout the globe will find that using the Bike Citizens app makes riding their bikes in cities a great deal less difficult. The application has in-depth maps that have been tailored to meet the unique needs of cyclists. These maps make it simple for riders to zero in on the paths that are most suited to their abilities. The Bike Citizens app will give precedence to authorized cycleways and bike paths for travel that is more peaceful and less noisy if any of these are available.

More than 450 cities throughout Europe, the United States of America, and Australia all have maps readily accessible for purchase. Even while the maps come with a price tag, the price for one city is just a few pounds, making it a cost-effective solution if you are looking for superior routing that is closer to home.


If their Strava isn’t on and tracking them, many bikers on the road won’t be spotted when they’re riding their bikes. Although it is perhaps most recognized for its ability to keep track of your rides and results so that you may evaluate your timings and efforts in relation to those of your friends, Strava is also a helpful tool for navigating.

You may simply build your own route and save it to the navigation software on your bike if you don’t want to utilize the apparently limitless library of user-created routes in your region. If you do want to use such routes, you can find them in the library. Strava is used in competitions and training rides by many of the world’s best professional cyclists, which means that serious riders may ride the same routes and see how they compare to the pros.

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