Aeroflot to Stop International Flights March 8th

All foreign flights will be terminated beginning on Tuesday, March 8, according to Aeroflot, Russia’s national airline, which announced the suspension on Saturday.

Since over 40 countries, including the United States, Canada, and all members of the European Union, have banned Russian airlines from their respective airspace, Russian Airlines already has a very restricted range of destinations in which it may fly from.

Business Insider reports that an equally significant source of worry for Aeroflot is that economic sanctions imposed by the United Nations may result in the airline’s planes being confiscated or seized if they had been leased to Aeroflot by a foreign country.

According to the EU’s sanctions on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, any country that has leased a jet to the Russian Federation has until March 28 to terminate the lease agreement.

A statement from Aeroflot said it would suspend all international flights starting on March 8 – with the exception of flights to neighboring Belarus, which is a Russian ally. The airline said the decision was made “due to the occurrence of additional circumstances that make flight operations difficult.”

It will be very difficult for foreigners to leave Russia as a result of this, especially for American citizens who now live in Russia or who are currently visiting there. After issuing a Level 4 “Do Not Travel” Advisory against travel to Russia on Saturday, the United States State Department advised American individuals currently in the country to depart “immediately” from the nation.

For lack of a better phrase, Russia has been isolated from the aviation world, including its own flagship carrier and S7, the country’s biggest private airline, which recently declared that it will halt foreign operations as a result of this isolation.

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