Zip line champagne in St Lucia and ship-shape offers in Belfast

Long-distance travel is projected to make a huge return this year, as pent-up epidemic savings are spent on far-flung places and/or extended vacations, according to predictions. When you include in the expected surge in honeymoon bookings as a result of so many postponed weddings, places like Saint Lucia should experience a turnaround in their fortunes from the previous bleak years.

Despite the restrictions in place last year, the island was named ‘Caribbean’s Leading Honeymoon Destination’ at the 2021 Travel Awards – and surely its luxurious Cap Maison would win an award for Most Inventive Bartending: the luxury hotel has a Champagne zip line, which whisks bottles of bubbly down from the clifftop bar to a private dining wooden deck overlooking the shoal below. It’s purportedly geared toward proposals (there’s even a Proposals Concierge), but anybody with $580 (about €510) to spend each night on B&B may take advantage of the offer.

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