Which places no longer need vaccination checks for Irish tourists?

Ireland has joined a number of other European countries in removing all Covid travel restrictions from their respective territories.

On March 6, Ireland became the first country to remove all Covid-19-related travel restrictions, with incoming passengers no longer needed to produce confirmation of vaccination, recovery, or a negative PCR test result, as had previously been the case.

The remainder of Denmark’s Covid-related laws – both entrance criteria and domestic norms – have been withdrawn as of midnight on Monday, making it one of just a handful of European nations to have completely removed all pandemic restrictions for tourists.

If you’re searching for the most straightforward vacation imaginable this Easter, these places, although not among the traditional top ten choices for spring travelers, may be worth considering.

While popular vacation destinations such as Spain, Portugal, and Italy continue to have Covid travel restrictions in place, all of the countries listed below have now removed both entry requirements such as tests and proof of vaccination, as well as the majority of their rules on the ground in the United States (with masks recommended or advised in certain spaces, such as on public transport)

Earlier last month, Ireland eliminated the last of its Covid-related requirements for overseas travelers, including the need to complete a passenger location form. Travelers entering the country, regardless of their vaccination status, will no longer have to deal with pandemic-related paperwork either before they leave or upon arrival. “Beginning on Sunday, March 6, 2022, travelers visiting Ireland will not be needed to provide evidence of vaccination, proof of recovery, or a negative PCR test result upon arrival,” the government declared. Travelers visiting Ireland will not be subjected to any post-arrival testing or quarantine restrictions.”


This Scandi city-break hotspot abolished the bulk of its Covid requirements back in February, but on Monday night it relaxed the laws even further, removing the need for unvaccinated visitors from non-EU countries to undergo a pre-travel test. Authorities, on the other hand, have said that they retain the authority to impose restrictions on nations where new variations have been discovered. As part of this contingency plan, the so-called ‘handbrake’ may be engaged if any of the aforementioned versions manifest themselves. According to a government statement, “the handbrake has not been triggered for any nations at this moment.”

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