Ukraine Railways Add Rail Services For Refugees Fleeing Russia

A majority of countries have advised against traveling to Ukraine after the country’s airspace was blocked to all commercial planes on February 24. But, if travel is really necessary and aircraft aren’t landing, what are the alternatives to flying?

As a result of the Russian invasion, many trains are operating, but the terminals are swamped by the number of passengers. There are relatively few tickets left, and some services have already been booked through to March.

According to the most recent declaration from Ukrainian Railway, almost half a million people have been evacuated so far, with priority being given to children, women, and the elderly, among others. According to the State Border Guard Service, Ukrainian males between the ages of 18 and 60 are not permitted to leave the country without permission.

The vast majority of those traveling by rail are fleeing Ukraine for neighboring countries, and certain cross-border lines are operating additional trains for refugees to make the journey.

Chop railway station serves as a junction for a variety of trains that go to Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Additional evacuation routes from Kyiv to the western areas of the nation are being planned, and will be determined by the volume of people.

Ukrainian Railways has said that it is also assisting foreign people who wish to remain in the country.

“Persons holding passports from any other nation are free to travel outside of Ukraine’s borders without being subject to any limitations.” This also applies to males between the ages of 18 and 60, according to the business.

What about Ukrainians who want to go to other countries of the European Union?

In addition, people who want to continue their journey after crossing the border must take particular measures. The German national railway, Deutsch Bahn, is partnering with Polish railroads to increase the number of cars available on trains carrying migrants.

Migrants with Ukrainian passports or identification cards will be able to travel freely on all long-distance trains from Poland to Germany from today, according to the company’s Twitter account.

Austria has also stated that Ukrainians fleeing the fighting are permitted to travel on OeBB trains without purchasing a ticket.

“In circumstances like these, it is our job to respond quickly,” Leonore Gewessler, the country’s transport minister, said in a Twitter message.

The Czech Republic and Slovakia are also providing free transportation for Ukrainian migrants who choose to travel on their own train systems.

Is it possible to go from Ukraine to Russia?

According to Ukrainian Railways, all of the railway lines between Ukraine and Russia have been completely destroyed. According to The Kyiv Independent, the Ukrainian military forces detonated a bomb in their vicinity.

A statement from the national railway operator said, “Railroad crossings between nations that used to convey thousands of commodities and bring millions of dollars into both countries’ economy have been destroyed.”

According to reports, it has also severed all ties with its collaboration with Russian Railways as well.

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