Thailand Is Welcoming Visitors And Tourism Is Slowly Picking Up

Passengers who are fully vaccinated and enter Thailand through the country’s Test & Go program will only be required to take one RT-PCR test upon arrival rather than two, and will only be required to stay one night in a government-approved hotel while awaiting results.

All non-Thai entrants are required to get health insurance that includes COVID-19 coverage.

In recent years, the popular Thai city of Chian Mai has seen an increase in tourism; nevertheless, the vast majority of visitors are backpackers who, in many instances, are on a tight budget.

Thailand welcomed 230,000 tourists in December of last year. Because of the proliferation of the then-new Omicron version, the number of visitors visiting the nation dropped to 134,000 in January. However, in February, the figure increased to 204,000.

In spite of signals of improvement in the tourism industry, the current rise in visitors is still tiny when compared to the 39.8 million tourists that traveled to Thailand in 2019.

This is still little when compared to the 39.8 million foreign visitors that will visit Thailand in 2019.

Thailand has certain conditions for entry.

As of right now, in order to get entry into the nation, passengers must first complete the following steps:

Vaccination documentation must be shown (only WHO-approved vaccines are valid) (in order to lessen quarantine) – Travelers who have not been vaccinated are now permitted.
Acquire health insurance that will cover COVID-19 therapy up to a maximum of USD $100,000.

Evidence of a negative PCR test result obtained no more than 72 hours before departure must be shown.

For travelers that pass via Thailand’s “Sandbox” program, expect a 7-to-10-day quarantine.

It is important to note that various criteria apply based on where the passengers want to go. If there are any special limitations, you should check with the local government.

Is Thailand open to visitors from the United States?

Thailand is certainly available to all holders of business visas from the United States. Visitors visiting Thailand can check the Royal Thai Embassy’s website or contact the Thai embassy in Washington, D.C. for further information on the requirements for citizens of the United States to enter the country.

Additionally, Thailand’s “Sandbox” travel scheme makes the country accessible to all travelers.

The ramifications of COVID-19 in Thailand

While Thailand has been a success story in the fight against the virus, the country’s economy has suffered significantly as a result of the epidemic.

Prior to Covid-19, Bangkok was the world’s most visited city and the most popular tourist destination overall. In April, all inbound planes were barred from entering the country. It is projected that up to 60% of hospitality-related enterprises may shut by the end of the year as a result of the suspension of tourism.

According to the International Monetary Fund, the Thai economy would contract by around 8.5 percent, resulting in the loss of livelihoods for nearly 8 million people.

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