SKY Express Launches Milan-Athens Direct Flights

The most ecologically friendly fleet in Greece, which is also one of the most environmentally friendly fleets in Europe, is extending its wings and heading for Milan, the fashion and opera capital of the world. SKY express is responding to the needs of the traveling public by strengthening its presence in the Italian market by connecting with direct flights from Milan Malpensa International Airport to Athens International Airport five days a week. These flights are part of a connection between SKY express and Athens International Airport (Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays).

The route offers travelers a wider variety of options while also generating fresh possibilities for interaction between the two popular sites for doing business, academic research, or vacationing. The in-flight experience of passengers may be upgraded to a higher level by selecting from the SKY joy, SKY joy+, or SKY enjoy options. Additionally, the SKY Drinks & Bites service allows passengers to sample premium-branded goods in addition to the complimentary service. The fact that SKY express has included Milan as part of its international network has made Italy the first country in Europe to have two destinations that are accessible throughout the whole year.

According to statements made by Vasilis Krasanakis, the Revenue & Pricing Manager at SKY Express, “In Italy, we constructed a bridge that helped tourism and the economy a year ago. The judgment was confirmed by the active reaction from the general people who were passengers. By launching a direct connection between Athens and Milan, SKY express has further strengthened its presence in the market. This connection provides travelers with a new option that is dependable as well as cost-effective. SKY express will continue to work toward its vision of flying higher each year.

Andrea Tucci, Vice President of Aviation Business Development for SEA Milan Airports, stated, “We welcome SKY express, a new carrier whose investment in our airport further extends Malpensa’s network.” SKY express is a new airline that has invested in our airport. The new links in Athens satisfy the need for traffic to European destinations like as Milan, attracting the most energetic and inquisitive travelers who are searching for an immersive and comprehensive vacation experience.

In addition, this link will deliver a larger network to the Greek islands, which will result in an improvement in the quality of connections beginning this autumn. providing the opportunity for our market to experience a Mediterranean that is distinct from the one we are used to during the warmer months in terms of its tastes, aromas, and colors.

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