Saga Launches 4 New River Ships As Economy Recovers

To capitalize on the rising popularity of river traveling, Saga has announced a huge expansion of its river cruise business, with four new ships to be introduced on four new rivers, as well as four new itineraries. According to the corporation, the over-50s cruise and insurance business decreased its losses last year as a result of the company’s ability to accommodate more guests due to a relaxation of Covid-19 limitations.

The firm reported pre-tax losses of £24 million in the 12 months to the end of January, down from £61 million in the same period the previous year. The company’s revenues increased from £338 million to £377 million.

Under the leadership of Nigel Blanks, the four new river ships will join two current river ships in operating as part of the company’s broader cruise operation in the Caribbean. This will allow Saga to continue to provide its premium boutique sailing experience on both seas and rivers in the future.

They will be known as Spirit of the Moselle, Spirit of the Main, Spirit of the Elbe and Spirit of the Rhône, and they will operate on each of the four rivers mentioned above. The first of these ships is scheduled to enter service in May 2023.

The others will follow in the following years, one after the other. “We are overjoyed at the prospect of expanding our fleet of river ships in order to meet the ever-increasing demand for premium boutique river cruising,” Nigel remarked.

“The launch of four additional ships today is an exciting next step in our strategy to broaden our cruise offering.” Our award-winning ocean cruise service, as well as the success of our newly launched Spirit of the Rhine and Spirit of the Danube ships, serve as a foundation for this new venture.

“With the addition of these three ships, we will be able to provide an even broader selection of boutique experiences to passengers wishing to cruise on the rivers around Europe.”

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