Over 4,000 Cherry Blossoms Adorned Niigata’s Takada Castle

All indications from the most recent sakura prediction indicate that cherry blossom season is only a few short weeks away. If you’re already making a list of sakura destinations to visit this year, you’ll want to make sure to include this stunning castle in Niigata on your itinerary. When the annual sakura festival takes place in Joetsu, Niigata prefecture, Takada Castle Site Park is home to around 4,000 cherry blossom trees, which are lighted at night and 3,000 bonbori lanterns, which are all lit up.

From March 26 to April 10, the festival will be commemorating its 97th year, with celebrations taking place between Saturday and Sunday. In spite of the fact that Covid-19 has restricted the number of activities available, a lighting ceremony and fireworks show will be held on Saturday, March 26 to kick off the festival.

Historically, the park has been recognized as one of Japan’s most popular nighttime hanami destinations, with one of the park’s most notable features being the 300m Sakura Road, which runs immediately south of the castle. You may take a walk through a tunnel of flowering cherry blossom trees and watch the bonbori lanterns come to life as the sun sets in the distance.

Beyond the cluster of blooms near the castle, the inner and outer moats that encircle the grounds and the surrounding Aota River are lined with even more sakura trees than the cluster of blossoms near the castle. A spectacular sight to see, particularly when combined with the reflection of the illuminated trees on the river.

Take advantage of the Yozakura Bus Plan, which is offered by the neighbouring resort Kyukamura Myoko, and make a night of it. In addition to supper, a chartered transport to Takada Castle, and one night’s accommodation at the resort, the package is offered from March 26 to April 10.

After dinner, you’ll have around one hour to stroll around the castle grounds before returning to the resort. The cost of a stay starts at 12,000 yen per person. Visit this page for additional information and to make a reservation.

Visit the Takada Castle Site Park Sakura Festival website for more information about the 97th Takada Castle Site Park Sakura Festival.

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