New Covid-19 Quarantine Standards In China

The length of time spent in quarantine for overseas visitors entering China has been cut from 14 to 7 days at centralized quarantine facilities, which is excellent news for individuals who are planning trips there. In addition, the prior seven-day guideline for health monitoring that may be done at home has been shortened to three days.

The new guidelines have loosened the restrictions on the length of time that close contacts of those who tested positive for the new variety are need to remain in quarantine.
The prior COVID-19 laws that China had in place had halted all international travel, which had a significant negative effect on the country’s travel and tourist business. As a result of this significant loosening of COVID-19 regulations, it is anticipated that tourism would return to the nation.

It is essential to keep in mind that even as the rest of the world gradually and steadily opened up, China had a fairly rigid stance with respect to opening its borders to foreign travelers. This was something that China did not do. Now, however, in light of the fact that the Omicron variety has a shorter incubation time, the government is slowly but surely beginning to reopen its borders. We are now looking at the possibility of increasing the number of international flights that depart from and arrive in China.

Recent news from major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai revealed that there have been no newly recorded cases of COVID, indicating that the cities are now free from the risk of infection for both residents and visitors. Once again, going out to restaurants is an option in each of these cities.

Additionally, several of the locations in Beijing that will house recreational activities are getting closer to being opened. In addition, amusement parks and resorts that have been shuttered for many months, such as Universal Beijing Resort and Shanghai Disney Resort, are about to reopen.

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