International Flights To China Will Reopen In 2023-2025

Tourists are not permitted to enter China; only natives of the country and foreign people with proper residency permits, as well as certain special forms of visas, are permitted to do so. To enter the country, all visitors must consent to a three-week quarantine and a battery of intrusive COVID-19 testing. (See the section below.)

Travelers travelling from countries where new strains of the virus have been detected, such as the United Kingdom and South Africa, are required to undergo four nucleic acid tests before entering the country. Members of their home will also be expected to participate in the exams.

Following the implementation of China’s “14th five-year plan” for civil aviation growth, international flights will begin to operate progressively between 2023 and 2025. This approach will be separated into two parts due to the present status of the pandemic, according to the plan.

In 2022, China will intensify coronavirus prevention and control, place more emphasis on reform, and put in place more precise support measures to aid in the recovery process.

According to the aviation industry’s news media, the years 2023-2025 will be a time of expansion, with an emphasis on expanding the local market, reviving the international market, and increasing the degree of openness.

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