Grandmother exempt from vaccines faces deportation from WA

When a grandmother’s admission into Western Australia was rejected due to her lack of COVID-19 immunization, she was threatened with deportation.
Claire Henderson flew to Perth from the United Kingdom to spend time with her family after being apart from them for over three years as a result of the epidemic.
In November last year, the 64-year-son old’s Michael confirmed that the woman’s visa, G2G pass, and vaccine exemption had all been accepted.

She has been given a vaccination exemption because she suffers from temporal arteritis, which causes the arteries in her skull to become inflamed, according to the city of Manchester.
However, when Ms Henderson arrived in Perth on Monday evening, Australian Border Force (ABF) agents apprehended her and refused to allow her to enter.
“It didn’t make any sense,” Michael expressed his displeasure.

Currently, Ms Henderson has been held in isolation at the Holiday Inn in Perth for the last two days.
She was initially scheduled to be deported on Tuesday night, but that flight was postponed until Thursday in order for the ABF to conduct a more thorough investigation into her situation.

9News has reached out to the Department of Home Affairs and the ABF for comment, but neither has answered.
In regard to international boundaries, “It is the federal government’s obligation, and it is their policies that have resulted in her being deported,” stated WA Police Minister Paul Papalia.
His mother, according to Michael, is in a terrible state of mind because of this scenario.

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