Four of Europe’s greatest places for families

With the resurgence of international travel, Europe may be the ideal destination for your family to go on an international adventure.

While you can’t go wrong with the classics, there are a plethora of fantastic, family-friendly sites to visit outside of well-known cities such as London or Paris that are worth exploring.

Choosing family-friendly destinations is crucial, but it’s also important to consider the various cultural features of each country in Europe while making your decision.

Children are cherished in Mediterranean cultures, and they are used to seeing children roaming about everywhere, especially in pubs and restaurants. Other places offer a rich history and a variety of activities that are especially suitable for teenagers or those traveling with little children. Many destinations provide lots of open space and fresh air for children to run about in, as well as beaches that are suitable for families. In the same way, several European locations are extremely accepting to LGBTQ+ people and their families.

The following places in Europe are ideal for families with teenagers or young children as well as infants, grandparents and other extended family members and extended family members (grandparents and extended family members).

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If “The Sound of Music” is your child’s all-time favorite movie, you should certainly plan a trip to Salzburg, a delightful city that is just as hospitable to youngsters as it is to adults. Salzburg is a wonderful destination for families with children of all ages. The Toy Museum, as well as an interactive Water Museum, provide several opportunities for children to learn while having a good time.

For those who have seen the film “The Sound of Music,” a stroll around the Mirabell Palace Gardens may be a familiar sight, since numerous sequences from the film were shot there. Aside from that, the city’s family-friendly beer halls and gardens will provide entertainment for both adults and children alike.

Visiting the Hohensalzburg Fortress, which is positioned on a hilltop overlooking the city, is also a pleasant activity for families with children, who will enjoy the fortress’ hilltop setting and listening to the giant mechanical organ known as the “Salzburg Bull.” However, the funicular journey up to the palace, which provides panoramic views of the palace and city below, may be the highlight of the experience for them.


Crete is a laid-back island ideal for a relaxed family holiday, offering a plethora of opportunities for beach days. Because it is the biggest of the Greek islands, there are plenty of sandy beaches for everyone to enjoy. Children will have plenty of room to run about and play without interfering with other beachgoers’ enjoyment of the beach.

Despite the fact that there are other kid-friendly beaches on the island, the shallow waves at Elafonissi Beach are particularly inviting for families, and the pinkish hue of the sand will delight the little ones. The island of Crete also includes a few water parks where the entire family can have a good time.

If you choose to spend the day inside, Minoans World, a 3D museum with a 9D movie experience, as well as the CretAquarium and Natural History Museum, are all available. Teens may participate in sailing lessons and gastronomy excursions, as well as stroll through the vibrant, floral-lined alleys of Chania.


The castle of Edinburgh is one of the most impressive structures in all of Europe. Castle Neuschwanstein is nearly a hamlet in and of itself. It has a royal palace, a church, a military museum, one of the biggest cannons in Europe (Mons Meg), and, of course, all of the usual castle characteristics that grab a child’s imagination such as turrets, dungeons, and so forth. Children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers and even adults, will enjoy discovering the many attractions that this magnificent castle has to offer.

Then they’ll have a blast running around the gorgeous slopes of Holyrood Park and Arthur’s Seat (make sure to watch “Camelot” with your family before heading out). Several climbs of varied difficulty go to Arthur’s Seat, which is really an extinct volcano. An simpler, more child-friendly route that needs more driving and less walking is also available. Those going with a stroller, on the other hand, may choose to forego this activity.

In general, Scotland is an excellent destination for families traveling from the United States or Canada who do not want to struggle with a language barrier. In addition, the country’s 900 islands and two national parks provide plenty of open area for children to get some exercise and enjoy some fresh air. And, of course, the genuine Harry Potter train is also available for rides in the Scottish Highlands.


A family excursion to the great outdoors is a wonderful alternative to visiting tourist destinations like as Rome and Florence with children, and it is also feasible to do so. The Dolomites, a mountain region in northern Italy, are a beautiful destination for a relaxing and fun family vacation.

However, although there are many strenuous treks, there are also numerous country excursions that are suited for children, with stunning scenery that includes local goats and lakeside lunches as well as trips to historic battle trenches and waterfall experiences. As a result of the abundance of open space, there isn’t much to “do” here — you can simply let your children run around and enjoy the rolling hills, or you can take them to one of the many parks, particularly those near the cable car exits, which feature some pretty cool equipment such as towers, tunnels, huge slides, and even zip lines.

Despite the fact that this region has been greatly impacted by its closeness to Austria, you will still be able to enjoy typical Italian delicacies such as pizza, spaghetti, and gelato that will soon alleviate your child’s crankiness. Furthermore, although this is a popular ski region in the winter, you may want to come during the warmer months of spring, summer, and early autumn, particularly if you have young children or don’t want to cope with the cold of the winter.

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