Covid-19 Will Be Downgraded To Flu Status In Thailand

Beginning in October, Thailand will be able to downgrade COVID-19 from an infectious illness that is “hazardous” to one that is “needs control.” This will be possible since the health condition in the nation is beginning to improve.

It was formerly on the same level as plague and smallpox, but now Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul says that this elevates COVID-19 to the same status as influenza and dengue fever.

This action demonstrates that Thailand’s health care system is ready, that treatment is accessible, and that people all around the nation are aware of “appropriate conduct to engage in while engaging in self-defense.”

In addition, Thailand will modify its strategy for what to do after the epidemic by allowing private hospitals to purchase antiviral medications without first going through the government.

The Thai authorities said last week that they anticipate a decline in the number of severe COVID-19 cases and fatalities by the middle of August. On July 1, Thailand abolished virtually all of its travel restrictions, including a rule that prohibited people from wearing masks in public.

Krabi, Thailand’s Reilly Beach is located there.

The moving average number of newly reported cases for the seven-day period that ended on August 11 is 2,190. This figure is almost identical to the moving average number that was recorded one month earlier on July 11, which was 2,134. It is true that there was a little rise, but it did not put any strain on the community’s health care system nor did it cause an increase in death rates.

By formally acknowledging that the illness is “endemic” and implementing significant reforms to its approach to dealing with covids, Thailand is regaining its reputation as a tourist-friendly destination.

The Minister of Health is of the opinion that individuals should now be responsible for their own health care and should not be subject to the surveillance of the state.

Prior to a short while ago, travellers had to comply with stringent regulations about immunization, testing, and isolation, in addition to Thailand’s infamously perplexing quarantine entrance restrictions.

Even while the government has not yet totally eliminated all entrance procedures as Mexico or even its Asian partner Vietnam has, entering Thailand is now more simpler than it has been since the year 2020.

In point of fact, in order for foreigners to gain entrance without being subjected to quarantine, they are required to provide one of the following documents:

A valid vaccination certificate or

A negative COVID test (either RT-PCR or lateral flow) that was done during the previous 72 hours of the passenger’s trip.

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