An unprecedented day of traffic at Sydney Airport

Sydney International Airport is poised to have its busiest day in more than two years on Wednesday.
More than 82,000 passengers are expected to transit through the domestic terminals, with many of them departing for the Easter holiday weekend, according to estimates.
The arrival of more than 80,000 passengers at the airport’s domestic terminals tomorrow will be the first time this has happened since March 6, 2020.

The previous record was set on Friday, when 78,000 people boarded the plane.
Geoff Culbert, the CEO of Sydney Airport, has extended his sincere apologies to any customers who may be inconvenienced by the delay.
We will use every lever at our disposal to send people on their way safely starting tomorrow and continuing through the school holidays, including putting top executives and personnel into our terminals to manage lines and ensure passengers catch their flights,” he added.

The company is working with its security contractor, airlines, ground handlers, and other operational agencies to ensure that as many employees as possible are on the ground during the morning and afternoon peak periods. The situation has improved significantly over the previous several days, but there is no escaping the reality that major congestion is likely to occur during the Easter weekend. We continue to have up to 20% of our personnel absent due to COVID-related reasons on any given day, and we are working hard to rebuild our team in a very competitive labor market.

The corporation is collaborating with its security contractor, airlines, ground handlers, and other operational agencies to guarantee that as many staff as possible are on the ground throughout the morning and afternoon peak hours of the flight schedules. Although the situation has greatly improved over the last few days, there is no escape the fact that severe congestion is anticipated to occur throughout the Easter weekend. In spite of the fact that we have up to 20 percent of our employees missing due to COVID-related causes on any given day, we are putting forth significant effort to rebuild our workforce in a very competitive labor market.

Australians who are fully vaccinated are now permitted to travel to New Zealand without being subjected to quarantine upon arrival, as of 11.59pm yesterday night.
They will still be required to submit to a supervised RAT or PRC COVID-19 test after being cleared.

Non-citizens from qualified nations, such as Australia and the United Kingdom, will be allowed to avoid being deported as of today, thanks to the latest phase of the country’s border opening that started in late February.
Despite the fact that New Zealand has opened its borders just in time for the Easter school vacations and the start of the Kiwi ski season, anybody planning a trip across is likely to face a lengthy wait at the airport.

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