An Exciting Tourist Attraction The World’s Biggest Marine Drive

If travelers go to Cox’s Bazar, they should not miss out on seeing the Marine Drive Road, which is the world’s longest road and the longest stretch of road in the world. It is an 80-kilometer-long route that runs from Kalatoli in Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf in Bangladesh. The Engineer Construction Battalion of the Bangladesh Army was responsible for the construction of this route. The total cost of the building was around 1050 crore taka. While going along this route, travellers may take in the lovely scenery that the road has to offer them.

Marine Drive Road is bordered on one side by rocky beaches, while on the other is bordered by tiny and large hills that are densely covered in vegetation. Aside from that, it’s a pleasure to observe water streams running down the mountain body in certain spots. As visitors stroll down the route, they will be able to take in all of the splendor of the huge ocean and the sight of fisherman fishing in the water. Meanwhile, he will have a clear view of the evergreen forest known as Teknaf Roaring Forest, which is located on the coastline.

The following is the route to Marine Drive Road:

To see Marine Drive Road, one must first go to Cox’s Bazar. After that, travelers must go to Marine Drive Road, which is located in Cox’s Bazar.

Cox’s Bazar may be reached in the following ways:

Cox’s Bazar is easily accessible by bus. Every day, a number of different companies such as Green Line, Shymoli Paribahan, Sohag Paribahan, Hanif Enterprise, and others depart for Cox’s Bazar. The fare for each seat ranges from 900 to 2000 Bangladeshi Taka (BDT).

To go by rail, one must board the train at Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station, which is located in the heart of the city. Trains such as the Sonar Bangla, Mahanagar Prabhati, Godhuli, and others are available for travelers visiting Cox’s Bazar.

To go to Marine Drive Road from Cox’s Bazar, follow these directions:

To go to Marine Drive Road, one may take a jeep, an auto-rickshaw, a CNG vehicle, or a microbus from Sugandha Point. The cost of reserving a vehicle in the off-season is 4000 BDT, whereas it is 5000 BDT during the peak tourist season. The Marine Drive Road trip will take around five hours to complete.

Traveling around the road in a CNG vehicle or an auto rickshaw will take a lengthy amount of time. As a result, it is preferable to book an open jeep if you need to move quickly.

Additional Attractions:

The Marine Drive Road is not only a beautiful spot to see natural wonders, but it is also a wonderful location for adventurous travelers who wish to experience thrilling rides. Both Daryanagar and Himchhari, both of which are near to Marine Drive, are locations where parasailing services are provided. From Marine Drive Road, you may go to Himchhari via open jeep, microbus, CNG, or auto-rickshaw, among other modes of transportation.

Visitors will only be able to fly once during the standard rides, and it will cost them 1500 taka each time. During the course of a flying super ride, passengers may even touch the water with their feet once while flying and then soar to great heights again. 2,000 taka will be charged for this service. A Super super ride allows passengers to wash their feet in saltwater twice while flying, for a cost of 2500 taka per trip. In addition, these two locations provide facilities for various “Beach Activities.”

What to Do and Where to Stay:

There are over 500 hotels, motels, and cottages in Cox’s Bazar. Tourists may readily reserve rooms and stay in these establishments. It is possible to stay at a hotel such as Coral Reef, Nitol Resort, Nilima Resort, and Mermaid Beach Resort, among others. Even if tourists do not reserve a stay at these hotels in advance during the offseason, it is recommended that they do so during the busy summer months when the hotels are most popular with visitors. Because it is a low season, the cost of the rooms is far cheaper than it would be during the high season.

The Best Places to Eat:

There are several eateries located along Marine Drive Road in various locations. While traveling along the road, tourists may quickly fill their appetite at one of these restaurants. In Cox’s Bazar, there are several five-star restaurants to choose from. Seasonal variations in the cost of food may cause prices to fluctuate significantly.

There will be several Army checkpoints along the way to Marine Drive Road as you continue north. Tourists should assist the militaries by supplying them with the information they need. It is preferable to preserve a duplicate of the National Identity Card in order to prevent complications.

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