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America’s 7 Best Travel States

There is something for everyone in the United States, with cosmopolitan cities, vibrant cultures, and breathtaking landscapes to suit everyone’s tastes, from short city trips to longer wilderness vacations.

Each state in the United States has its own distinct appeal and distinct culture. Travel to Alaska to see the wildness, taste exquisite wines in California, and see the attractions of New York State that have been on your bucket list for a long time. Whether you’re wanting to soak up the grandeur of the country’s national parks and desert landscapes, experience the thrills and spills of a world-class amusement park, or just rest on one of the country’s sun-drenched beaches, there’s an American state that’s calling your name.


Texas, the second-largest state in the United States, is a powerhouse of economic and political power. It is located in the South Central area of the United States and is known for its scorching heat, country music, famed Texan BBQ, and bird viewing — it is home to more bird species than any other state in the US.

Texas, often known as the Lone Star State (so named because of its flag and prior independence as a Republic), retains a distinct identity from the rest of the United States. The patriotic people of Texas share the same beliefs, patriotism, and a unique culture, despite the fact that the state is huge and encompasses 28 cities.

Don’t forget to take a trip down the San Antonio River Walk, which is lined with art galleries, museums, restaurants, and an unending supply of retail therapy choices. Visit the Alamo, a historical fort that played a vital part in the Texan independence battle against Mexico in 1835, for a taste of history.


Known for its breathtaking red rock canyons and desert plateaus, the state of Arizona is an exquisite paradise of natural beauty. Although it is best known for the iconic vistas of the Grand Canyon, which stretches through the dramatic Petrified Forest and the brilliant and colorful Painted Desert, Arizona is much more than that. It is a state rich in history, culture, and natural beauty.

As well as having more mountains than the country of Switzerland, the Grand Canyon State is also home to one of the biggest unbroken Ponderosa pine forests in the United States, covering one-quarter of the state. With the forested Mogollon Rim and the dramatic desert sweeps of Monument Valley and the Sonoran Desert thrown in, you’ve got a true melting pot of landscapes to choose from.

Aside from the breathtaking landscape, Arizona also boasts several charming little towns that are well worth a visit, including the state capital of Phoenix, which is famed for its world-class spas and championship golf courses.


Florida is the place to have a good time, as shown by the more than 90 million people that come here each year. Florida, sometimes known as the Sunshine State, is jam-packed with family-friendly activities, ranging from theme parks to water parks and beaches to wildlife preserves. Aside from that, it has more than 230 days of sunlight every year!

One of the most popular destinations is unquestionably Orlando, which is home to Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom, the world’s most visited theme park. However, attractions like as Universal Studios, the many glitzy shopping complexes, and the undulating golf courses give tourists a run for their money.

When it comes to beaches with white sand, flashy beach resorts, and diving sanctuaries, the second-place finish goes to Miami, which has them all. Interestingly, Florida has more lakes and golf courses than any other state in the country, and it has more lakes than any other state in the country. Georgia doesn’t hurt that it is the flattest state in the United States, which makes it an excellent place to start your round.


If you’re planning a trip across America, Washington, the only state named after a president, is an excellent spot to begin your journey. The state has been dubbed the Evergreen State because of the amount of lush green woods that can be seen across the state, notably in Seattle, the Emerald City. It is noteworthy because it produces more apples than any other state in the United States and that it is the site of the earliest human remains found in North America.

With the Cascade Mountains dividing it in half, Washington state boasts parks, volcanoes, and picturesque islands on one side and coastal woods, agriculture, and hundreds of wineries on the other, all separated by the mountains. The North Cascades are a sight to see, with their high mountains and refreshing freshwater lakes, making them an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

For visitors looking for a getaway from the mainland, the San Juan Islands are a group of wooded islands that provide chances for kayaking, orca whale viewing, and bird watching.


Alaska, the most populous state in the United States, is a spectacular area, home to thousands of rivers and streams, hundreds of thousands of breathtaking glaciers, and millions of shimmering lakes, among other wonders. In fact, these enchanted glaciers encompass around 5% of the whole state!

Alaska, sometimes known as the ‘Last Frontier’ because to its isolation from the rest of the United States, is a remote region. The vast majority of them are located in the Arctic. While a brief visit to Alaska is unlikely to provide a comprehensive understanding of the state, trips to observe Alaskan wildlife such as wolves, moose, whales, and Kodiak bears may provide an excellent introduction.

Although many people are unaware of it, the nicest thing about Alaska is that you may see the Northern Lights for more than 240 days out of the year. This is most likely due to the low light levels in the state – in certain areas of the state, the sun does not rise for over two months! However, when the sun does rise, it really rises: it is not uncommon for it to not set again for three months after it has risen. This time of year is particularly conducive to animal observation.

New York

It is located in the northeastern region of the United States, in New York State specifically. The Empire State is most known for the cosmopolitan sights of New York City, where you’ll discover the glitter and glam of Manhattan’s high towers, the hustle and bustle of Times Square, and the fresh green walks of Central Park, among other things.

It’s not only the Big Apple that lures people to the fourth most populous state in the United States; it’s also the calmer experiences that can be found upstate, such as the enthralling Adirondacks. Additionally, the state of New York is renowned for the thunderous Niagara Falls, its beautiful Long Island beaches, and the wine-producing Finger Lakes Region, which has more than 100 wineries, breweries, and distilleries. Hiking among the various lakes, wine tastings at local wineries, or a combination of the two for the best of both worlds!


The Golden State is the ideal destination for a relaxed vacation, thanks to its beautiful beaches, pleasant weather, and undulating wine region. Visit Anaheim’s Disneyland Park to indulge your inner kid, and then go to San Diego to experience the thrills and spills of the city’s infinite water parks. California, sometimes known as the “Grape State,” produces roughly 90 percent of the nation’s wine, so make sure you’re thirsty when you visit!

Aside from wine and beaches, Cali is also home to some stunning landscapes, which range from sun-drenched coasts to desert dunes and all in between and beyond. See Yosemite National Park and hike its peaks, or go to Death Valley to see the lowest place on Earth. You may also visit classic metropolitan landmarks like as San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to wander through the spooky halls of the infamous Alcatraz island jail. It’s an experience you’ll never forget!

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