Trains For Free! For 73 Years This Indian Train Has Free

Have you ever snuck onto a train without purchasing a ticket? Although there may be many people out there who have managed to pull it off, many more would have considered it. When it comes to entering a train without a ticket, however, you should be aware that if you are found, you will face a fine and, in certain circumstances, incarceration.

The fact that there is one train in the nation that does not charge a single cent to passengers will delight you! However, although it may seem to be a bargain to you, it is standard operating procedure for passengers on the Bhakra Railway Train, who have been taking advantage of free journeys for the last 73 years.

There is a unique railway that operates along the borders of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, and it is used to transport passengers between the towns of Nangal and Bhakar. As previously indicated, passengers will not be required to purchase tickets in order to board this train.

According to sources, the railway service between Bhakra and Nangal was established in 1948. A unique railway was identified as being necessary during the building of the Bhakra Nangal dam, since there was no other means of transportation between Nangal and Bhakar at the time. Consequently, it was decided to construct a railway track along the route in order to assist the transportation of heavy gear and personnel.

Initially, the train was propelled by steam engines, which were subsequently replaced with engines purchased from the United States in 1953. And, to this day, the train with its 60-year-old engines continues to operate on its original track. Even though the train’s seating are reminiscent of colonial-era wooden benches, each coach is one-of-a-kind and, according to reports, was manufactured in Karachi.

The railway travels through the Shivalik Hills before arriving at the Nehla station, where it will continue its journey to the Nangal Dam in Punjab. Despite the fact that the train consumes around 18 to 20 litres of fuel every hour, the Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) has decided to keep it free of charge.

Despite the fact that the BBNM was concerned about money, they considered cancelling the complimentary ride. They did, however, come to understand that the train was much more than simply a means of making money for them.

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