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Tourists To The Us Kept Visiting National Parks Throughout Pandemic

Despite the epidemic, visitors to the United States’ national parks continued to flock to them. Despite COVID-19, according to data from ValuePenguin, these cherished places had a 91 percent increase in visitors in 2021 compared to the year before the epidemic. In fact, certain locations saw an increase in visitors over the previous year, which is likely attributable to the fact that spending time outside has become even more popular since the emergence of the coronavirus.

Last year, the Big Cypress National Preserve in Florida recorded a rise in visitor numbers of 154 percent, increasing from around one million visitors in 2019 to 2.6 million people in 2021. The aggregate number of visitors to all of the parks, on the other hand, decreased by nine percent.

While there were fewer visitors, those who did come stayed for a longer period of time. The number of hours spent in national parks has decreased by just 5% in the last year. Hot Springs National Park, Virgin Islands National Park, and New River Gorge National Park and Preserve are among the locations where visitors are spending the most time, according to the National Park Service.

While total visitor numbers in the parks decreased by just nine percent, several parks saw far greater decreases. The number of visitors to Alaska’s Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park has dropped from more than 1.1 million in 2019 to just 297 in 2020, according to park officials.

As the epidemic continued, tourists in the United States aspired to go more and further afield. According to the data collected by ValuePenguin, tourists chose to go farther away rather than explore cities. The recovery of urban parks, monuments, and memorials has traditionally been the most difficult.

For the period between 2019 and 2021, Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, Boston National Historical Park, and the Statue of Liberty National Park in New York were all listed in the bottom five in terms of percentage change in visitor numbers.

Those considering visiting one of the nation’s numerous National Parks will be able to do so for free on April 16, 2022, marking the beginning of National Park Week, which will continue from April 16 through April 24, 2022.

National Park Service Director Chuck Sams noted that since Yellowstone National Park was founded 150 years ago, “nearly 400 spectacular locations have been added to the National Park System.” “Yellowstone National Park was formed 150 years ago today,” Sams said.

“In communities around the country, these sites serve as sources of inspiration, pleasure, and education, with each site conserving and sharing a unique piece of our nation’s history. I hope that National Park Week inspires you to visit a national park in your area and create some lasting experiences.”

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