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Most Beautiful Little Towns In The State Of New Mexico

There is a wide variety of things to do and see in the state of New Mexico. It is famous for its mountains with a rusty color and its sun-warmed hot springs. From exciting outdoor activities that could never be captured adequately by a single snapshot to works of art that leave an impression that lasts throughout the ages.

To such an extent, in point of fact, that Hollywood films depicting this era, including silent Westerns from the early 20th century, are often shot in and around the little villages that bejewel this Southwest state.

There is a substantial amount of Hispanic culture in New Mexico, as well as mining towns that were laid out by pioneers and prospectors, and there are also old remains left behind by native people who formerly freely roamed this region.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a tiny city in New Mexico that is located approximately an hour east of Santa Fe. It should not be confused with Sin City, which is located in the state of Nevada. This lovely town is filled with historic structures, such as the magnificent Plaza Hotel, which dates back to the 1880s. At the Las Vegas Museum, you will not only be able to get further knowledge on the history of the city, but also the Rough Riders of the Spanish-American War (1898).

The motto of the town is “Damn Authentic,” and the fact that it has been selected as the setting for the production of hundreds of different movie sets is living evidence that an artificial film set-up is not required. From “Easy Rider” and “No Country for Old Men” to “House of Cards” episodes, Las Vegas and its surrounding areas have been used as filming locations for a vast array of movies and television shows. Storrie Lake State Park is located just outside of town and offers opportunities for water activities as well as leisure by the lake. There are a large number of antique stores, museums and galleries featuring unusual art, live music venues, and plenty more.


The little town of Cloudcroft dates back 110 years and has a rich history as a pioneer community. It is located in the beautiful mountains of the area. In 1899, the little community of Cloudcroft, which is located inside the Lincoln National Forest, had its start as a tourist town. The Lodge is an elite hotel that was created in the early 20th century to cater to rich customers. Famous people who have been here include Judy Garland and Clark Gable.

The Sacramento Mountains Museum is the finest location to go if you want to learn about the history of the town as well as the surrounding region since the museum is housed in a historic structure. Celebration seems to have a central role in every aspect of life in Cloudcroft. Even though it doesn’t get too hot during the summer, the little ski resort of Cloudcroft is an excellent area to go skiing, and the White Sands National Monument, which is known for its very dazzling white sand, is not far away.


There was a time when Madrid was a ghost town, but that time has passed. With just 300 people living there, Madrid is on the very small end of the range of small towns.

Visit the Gifted Hands Gallery and the Indigo Gallery to get an understanding of the community’s artistic and cultural traditions. It would be a shame to pass up the opportunity to visit the Starshine Gallery, where you’ll get the chance to speak with a spirit medium who provides intuitive readings and healing services.

However, creative endeavors are not limited to art galleries. You may also visit some of the most interesting eateries and dining establishments in the area, such as the Mine Shaft Tavern and Cantina, Java Junction Coffee and Gifts, and Shugarman’s Little Chocolate Shop.

If you are interested in nature, you are not too far from the Turquoise Trail, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful scenic drives in New Mexico.

Santa Rosa

Simply because to the abundance of natural beauty that surrounds it, Santa Rosa is a well-known municipality in the state of New Mexico. When taking a drive down Route 66, the teeny-tiny village of Santa Rosa in Guadalupe County, Texas, makes for the ideal rest break. In point of fact, the Santa Rosa stretch of this famous roadway has also been featured on the big screen. A portion of the movie adaption of “The Grapes of Wrath” was shot here. Car enthusiasts and people who are interested in Americana can both enjoy the Route 66 Auto Museum.

The architecture preserves a significant amount of the area’s past. For example, the Guadalupe County courthouse was constructed out of brick in the year 1909. You may go scuba diving to explore the depths of the Blue Hole, which is a sink hole in this town, or you can just swim about in it. This diving area is one of a kind. Scuba diving at a depth of 81 feet is just one of the many activities that people of all ages may enjoy while they are here. Participate in scuba diving with the explorers and cliff jumping with the adrenaline junkies! New Mexico received a gift from Mother Nature in the form of the Blue Hole.

Silver City

The vivid stories told about the wild, wild west often include Silver City as an important character. After all, it was the ringleaders of the town who were responsible for the capture of Billy the Kid, who many consider to be the first outlaw.

Visitors interested in live entertainment, the history of the old west, and a bustling atmosphere in the downtown square will find a multitude of options in modern-day Silver City. You may discover historical objects that are unique to the South West region of the United States at some of the best museums, such as the Western New Mexico University Museum and the Silver City Museum.

Big Ditch Park, Chino Mine Vista Point, Penny Park, the Gila National Forest, and the Mimbres River Preserve are all great places for outdoor enthusiasts to soak up some rays of sunlight. There are a lot of different spots where you may pull over and relax with a picnic basket in your hand. It is simple to see why Silver City is so well-liked by the people living in this area.

Most Beautiful Little Towns In The State Of New Mexico - Travelrnews
Most Beautiful Little Towns In The State Of New Mexico – Travelrnews


Do you wish to take part in a scene from a western movie? In that case, make your way out into the streets of Galisteo! Galisteo is home to a wide variety of activities, with the Encaustic Art Institute serving as one of the city’s most prominent points of interest. It has served as the setting for a number of Westerns, with of the more notable ones being Crazy Heart, Young Guns, and Silverado, among others. Even the fantasy film Thor used some of this location for filming.

However, it’s not merely a setting for the filming of the scene. The Casa Grande Trading Post, which is located to the north-northwest of Galisteo, is one of the historical sites that may be visited there. And if you want to go out into the desert landscape yourself, you can do so by traveling to Galisteo Basin Preserve, which has hiking pathways as well as mountain biking tracks. You also have the option of participating in horseback riding at the Creek Stables Trail Riding.


El Santuario de Chimayo is a notable Roman Catholic church in Chimayo that serves as a pilgrimage destination and is visited by over 300,000 people every year. Your journey to the Chimayo region should begin with paying a visit to this church. This Roman Catholic shrine was built in the early 19th century and exhibits a distinctive combination of adobe and European timber architecture. Its history dates back to the early 1800s.

It is said that this church is one of the most significant places for Catholic pilgrimage in the United States because to the so-called “healing soil” that is said to be located on the grounds. In point of fact, it sees perhaps in the neighborhood of 30,000 people in the week leading up to Easter. In addition, ChimayĆ³ is well-known for its own own type of chile, which is an heirloom that dates back 300 years, as well as for its rich weaving traditions that are modeled by Spanish Colonial design.

Visit the Chimayo Museum on wet days for some indoor entertainment, or continue the journey begun at the Santuario de Chimayo by going to the Santo Nino Chapel, which is another Catholic chapel. Both of these locations are in Chimayo. Chimayo is a city that brims with a calming vibe and the allure of a quaint rural town.


For anyone interested in history, the little town of Aztec is an absolute must-see. You should go to Aztec for its cultural attractions, and after you’ve finished visiting them, you should utilize it as a base to rest in the old western beauty there. Ancient Pueblo buildings are on display for visitors to explore at the Aztec Ruins National Monument.

Some of the larger ruins date back more than 900 years, while the Great House itself includes more than 400 rooms made of stone! The Aztec Museum and Pioneer Village is another attraction that history buffs just must not miss. Here, visitors may contemplate the fortitude that early settlers need in order to establish themselves in the area and examine original relics.

In addition, there are over 300 natural sandstone arches that will make you feel as if you have been transported to a completely new world. If you want to see even more breathtaking scenery, you could go fishing in the adjacent San Juan River, which is surrounded by sandstone canyons.


Are you looking for a vacation that will be rich in history and culture? Then you should most certainly make travel plans to visit Tucumcari, which is widely regarded as one of the most charming tiny towns in New Mexico. The historic district of Tucumcari is one of the city’s most famous attractions. This area is comprised of buildings that are located on and around the main street.

These include the magnificent Rock Island-Southern Pacific Train Station, which was built in 1926 and is still in service; as well as the Odeon Theatre, which was constructed in 1937 and is also now in use. However, if you are interested in history that dates back much farther, you can visit the Mesalands Dinosaur Museum, which has a fascinating collection of fossils and skeletons dating back millions of years.

Tucumcari also has a deep connection to popular culture, as shown by the fact that it has been depicted in movies, cited in songs, and mentioned in episodes of television box sets ranging from NCIS to Supernatural. Check out the Tee Pee Curios, the Eastern New Mexico Arts and Cultural Center, the Route 66 Monument, Tucumcari Ranch Supply, the Odeon Theatre, and the Tucumcari Municipal Golf Course while you’re in town. These are just some of the other attractions and things to do in Tucumcari.


Mesilla has not had much of an architectural revolution in the last century and a half. Both the plaza and the town remain as picturesque as they have ever been, and it is not difficult to picture life in years gone by, particularly during the reign of Billy the Kid. Due to the importance of the Mesilla Plaza, it has even been designated as a National Historic Landmark.

The locals show their warmth toward visitors by adorning their houses and places of business with ristras, which are garlands made of strands of dried red chili peppers. It is recommended that tourists pay a visit to Mesilla when the city is hosting one of the various cultural events that take place throughout the year. Cinco de Mayo, Dia de los Muertos, Mariachi Festivals, Jazz Concerts, and even Christmas Eve, when the town lights up hundreds of luminarias, are some of the events that are particularly well-liked by the public.


Taos, New Mexico, the location of the Taos Pueblo, is widely regarded as one of the state’s most fascinating tourist destinations. This hamlet of Native Americans has been continuously inhabited for more than a thousand years, and it is recognized as both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a National Historic Landmark.

Take a tour and you will be able to make your way to the historic Taos Pueblo Village, the Rio Grande Gorge, and the Taos Plaza.

Taos is the place to go whether you want to find a new source of inspiration or if you simply want to get some exercise and breathe some fresh air. You may either participate in the thrilling backpack culture of the west or you can add a little of luxury to the mix. Taos is the ideal location from which to choose your next adventure.


Ruidoso’s diverse selection of opportunities for outdoor recreation brings tens of thousands of Americans to the town each year. It is widely considered to be one of the most hip and happening tiny towns in all of New Mexico because to the fact that there is literally something for everyone here.

You’ll discover the Lincoln National Forest in the southern part of the state, along with all of its beautiful waterfalls and hiking paths. Adobe and stone structures that were constructed in the 19th century may be seen in the Lincoln Historic Site, which is located to the north. There is the Noisy Water Winery, where you may take tours and get samples.

Grindstone Lake is a jewel that shines with a wide variety of exciting things to do in the great outdoors. Pillow’s Fun Trackers is a place that provides activities for the whole family to enjoy, such as go-karting and mini golf. At the Ruidoso Winter Park, you can expect to have a great time tubing down the slopes. There is not just all of this but also a great deal more.

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