France Will Remove Health Cards & Masks On March 14

If you’re planning a trip to France after March 14, you won’t have to worry about navigating the complicated procedure of obtaining a health permit to make your trip go more smoothly.

In France, after months of demanding its vaccination or health permit at venues around the country, the necessity for a vaccination pass to access indoor enterprises is being phased out. Furthermore, with the exception of public transportation, masking regulations will be eliminated in most locations. If private firms so wish, they may continue to impose disguise requirements.

France tightened the restrictions for its vaccination pass as the number of Omicron cases increased. However, in an interview with France’s TF1, Prime Minister Jean Castex revealed that the requirements had been relaxed as a result of the outbreak “The situation is getting better.

“Meanwhile, if you’re planning a trip to France before the reversal takes effect, here’s a guide to navigating the country’s health and immunization pass systems.

So, what’s the difference between a health pass and a vaccination pass, exactly?

The vaccination pass (pass vaccinal) certifies that the possessor has been properly immunized against COVID-19 and is valid for anybody over the age of 16 who wishes to enter the country. People above the age of 18 will now be required to get a booster injection in order to keep their permit valid. If they received their second dose of an AstraZeneca, Pfizer, or Moderna vaccination, they must have their booster no more than four months after having their second dose of a Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and no more than two months after receiving their second dose of a Pfizer vaccine.

It will be necessary for tourists over the age of 18 to provide evidence of a booster injection in order for them to be admitted to places where the vaccination permit is needed.

Those between the ages of 12 and 15 are eligible to get a health permit (pass sanitaire), which may be used as evidence of immunization, recovery or a negative COVID-19 PCR or antigen test (taken within 24 hours prior).

It is not necessary to get a pass for minors under the age of twelve.

Is it necessary to get a health or vaccination permit in order to visit France?

A representative for the Health Ministry confirmed to Lonely Planet that the pass does not apply when it comes to health control at the borders. “[The pass] does not apply in the context of health control at the crossings,” the spokeswoman said. According on where you are coming from, different paperwork is required to enter France during the flu epidemic. More information on what is necessary may be found in our Health Hub guide to France.

What is the process for visitors to apply for the health and vaccination pass?

It is permissible to exhibit your digital COVID-19 certificate or any other authorized European health certificate that verifies your vaccination and booster status if you are traveling from the EU or any country that has joined the EU digital COVID cert scheme. When you get a certificate from a foreign country that has a European flag on it, the French embassy in Germany guarantees that your certificate is compatible and “will be acknowledged during [checks] in France in the same manner as French certifications are recognized.”

If you’re coming from the United Kingdom, the French government has verified that persons who have had their vaccination in the United Kingdom may now import their NHS QR code into the TousAntiCovid app. They may also provide a digital or paper NHS certificate confirming their current vaccination status, as long as it is recognized by the EU’s digital COVID certificate system, which is available online.

Applicants coming from the United States must submit their applications in person at a specialized pharmacy in France when they arrive in the country. It is possible that you may be charged up to €36 (about $44) for the service. It is crucial to remember, however, that this service is not available at every pharmacy. It’s possible to locate one in a big city like Paris, but as you can see from the map, there aren’t that many participating pharmacies spaced out equally around the country as you would expect.

When you apply, you’ll be required to produce your passport as well as an official vaccination certificate (CDC card) that contains information on your booster shots. You will be given a QR code that can be scanned at locations where the health pass is necessary. The pharmacist will transfer the information from your certificate into the French system and supply you with the code.

In the meanwhile, a handful of tourist attractions are now accepting the CDC immunization card from tourists from the United States. In an interview with Lonely Planet, the Palace of Versailles stated that Americans are able to display their CDC vaccination certificate for access, and it has been claimed that the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre are also permitting it, although it is not widely recognised as a health pass.

If you are going from a different country, you must follow the same procedures as Americans.

French citizens may submit their vaccination or testing status to the ToutsAntiCovid app, or they can get a paper copy with a QR code from their local health department.

What is the best place for me to share it?

As on March 14, you will no longer be required to provide a health permit in order to enter an indoor facility, unless you are visiting a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Before that date, however, the pass provides access to any leisure or cultural venue in France with a capacity of more than 50 participants, including museums, exhibitions, theaters, cinemas, concert halls, exhibition spaces, nightclubs, discos, zoos, open-air festivals, sporting arenas, theme parks, libraries, swimming pools, and tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, among other things.

Restaurants, cafés, and bars (both inside and outdoors), long-distance trains and buses, domestic flights, hospitals, nursing facilities, and big retail malls were all included to the list of locations that were previously excluded.

Is it possible to get a vaccination pass if I have just recovered from COVID-19 infection?

Additionally, the vaccination pass shows that the holder has recently recovered from COVID-19 infection (or has a medical exemption from vaccines). If you tested positive for COVID in the EU, the United Kingdom, or a Schengen Area nation, you may submit your positive test results to the EU digital COVID cert app, which will then be available for download. More than 11 days but fewer than six months have passed since the test was performed.

If you test positive for COVID outside of the EU, in nations such as the United States, Canada, or Australia, you may encounter issues. On the Health Ministry’s website, you may learn more about the alternatives that may be accessible to you.

In France, where can I go to be tested?

Despite the fact that testing is commonly accessible at most pharmacies and medical institutions in France, you will almost always need to arrange an appointment in advance. Antigen testing may be performed at most pharmacies for approximately €25, while PCR tests can be performed for about €45.

Your testing status is only valid for 24 hours if you are using the health pass as an unvaccinated person or without a booster, which means you will need to be tested on a frequent basis to get access to venues if you are not already. By looking at the COVID testing map, you may identify testing venues in your area.

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