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The Cutest Little Towns In The State of Vermont

Vermont, a shining example of a New England state, is a place of unparalleled natural beauty. This state is notable for the stunningly rough landscape that spans its northern border with Canada. It is a very tiny state. The mountains are home to some of the world’s best skiers and snowboarders and even host some of the winter Olympics.

No other state conjures up more pictures of sleepy towns huddled together around beautiful white churches topped with soaring steeples than does Vermont. We see them with the maple trees that shade the town green, aglow in the fiery reds and oranges of autumn, or covered in a covering of snow to appear like a scene from a Christmas card.

The great outdoors, delectable cuisine, and other New England specialties are always available for tourists to enjoy, regardless of the time of year.


Charlotte is almost often used as a synonym for the Champlain Valley. The town, which dates back to the late 18th century, has always been known for its agricultural focus. Economies that thrive here include those based on orchards, dairy farms, sugar bushes, berry farms, honey production, cattle, and grain production. Even more impressive is the fact that Charlotte is home to a vineyard, which consistently earns visitors’ highest acclaim.

Mount Philo State Park is another notable park that has stunning panoramas, hiking paths, and a wildlife sanctuary in the surrounding area. The park gets its name from the almost 1,000-foot peak that can be found there.


This historic town in Vermont is located close to the location of a significant fight that took place during the American War of Independence. The Bennington Battle Memorial is testimony of this, and it may be seen today. The actual fight that took place in 1777 is commemorated by this obelisk that is 93 meters in height and was finished in 1889. It is, in point of fact, the man-made edifice that stands the highest over the whole state!

One of the most well-preserved specimens of Victorian architecture in the New England region may be found close by in the form of the Park-McCullough Historic House. The public may also visit this home, which has a total of 35 rooms. In addition, the central business district of Bennington is packed with historic structures, some of which date back to the time when the town was initially inhabited more than 250 years ago.


Manchester is almost the epitome of quaintness, thanks to the charming steeples and antique buildings that dot the city. There’s a lot more to do in this town than merely gawk at the buildings, despite the fact that the Bennington County Courthouse and Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home (the historic summer home of Abraham Lincoln’s first son) are sure to win your heart over.

During the winter, thrill-seekers can travel to the nearby Bromley Mountain, which is ideal for skiing, but during the summer, they should come here to experience one of the longest ziplines in the state. The neighboring Green Mountain National Forest consists of slightly under 400,000 acres of pristine wilderness that is open to all types of recreational users, including walkers, cyclists, and strollers.


America’s tiniest town is Montpelier, Vermont. Locals are familiar with it due to the abundance of eateries that sell food that is fresh from the farm as well as the daily farmers market that is held there. Vermonters consider themselves to be locals.

In this city, which serves as the state’s capital and administrative hub, you may get a taste of just about everything.

To say nothing of the fact that this is just the beginning! Be under no illusions: despite its size, this is still a tiny town, complete with the warm welcome and endearing character that you would expect. Montpelier, on the other hand, stands out as a unique destination due to the strong cultural environment there.

Cutest Little Towns In The State of Vermont - Travelrnews
Cutest Little Towns In The State of Vermont – Travelrnews


The town of Chester is distinguished by the fact that it has two locations that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Both Stone Village, which was given its name because of the granite structures that may be seen there, and the Chester Historic District exhibit remnants of colonial architecture and a New England early American style.

A ride on the Green Mountain Flyer Scenic Railroad for the day is consistently ranked as one of the most popular things to do. It was beautiful from the very first moment to the very last. Stone House Antique Centre, Da Vallia Art, and the Vermont Institute of Contemporary Art are three galleries that you shouldn’t pass up while you’re in the area.


In the heart of Vermont, amid the verdant splendor of the Green Mountains, you’ll find the charming city of Waterbury. Fans of things to do and see in the great outdoors will find that this town has a lot to offer. During the winter months, you will have the opportunity to hit the fresh powder and try out skiing as well as other activities that are a little bit different, such as snowshoeing, dog sledding, and sleigh rides.

As soon as spring arrives, the Green Mountain Forest becomes a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts who are interested in camping and trekking. It’s not only about the great outdoors here; here is also where you can get a taste of Vermont’s homegrown and handcrafted goods. Stop for a refreshing drink at the Cold Hollow Cider Mill or the Green Mountain Coffee Shop, where you may try the world-famous Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream that is created in the neighboring factory. Both establishments are located in Cold Hollow.


The quaint community of Warren may be found in the Mad River Valley, which is sandwiched between two mountain ranges in the verdant Green Mountains. Since the 1930s, when the first ski lift was constructed in the valley, there has been a strong demand for skiing in this region.

After the establishment of ski resorts in the town in the 1950s, it began to become a popular destination for high society figures, such as the Kennedy family, to spend their vacations on the slopes. At Warren Falls, both residents and visitors may enjoy a refreshing dip in the water during the warm summer months. This natural swimming place is a valley that has plenty of clean water and is bordered by some stunning mountains.


The town of Hartford was established in 1971 and at the time was comprised of the five aforementioned villages: Hartford, Quechee, West Hartford, White River Junction, and Wilder. Because of the town’s location at the junction of the White River, the Connecticut River, and the Ottauquechee River, as well as the fact that the Ottauquechee River flows through the town itself, a significant portion of the local history revolves around the three rivers.

The arrival of industry to the region in the 19th century was spurred on by the construction of mills along the canals, which was then followed by the construction of railroads. Today, the city of Hartford is linked to New York by the daily Amtrak Vermonter train, which attracts tourists who come to marvel at the unpretentious allure of the surrounding community.

The town is full with small, independently owned shops as well as museums and theaters where you may get more knowledge about the surrounding region. Some examples of these establishments are the Main Street Museum and the Northern Stage Theater.


Grafton, often regarded as one of the most attractive communities in Vermont, was given its name in an unusual manner. The right to rename the town, which had previously been known as Thomlinson, was sold at auction in 1791 for the sum of $5 and some rum. The successful bidder called the town after Grafton, Massachusetts, where he was born and raised. The private Windham Foundation, which was created in the 1960s to assist with the village’s restoration, is partially responsible for the elegant elegance that can be seen in Grafton today.

The initiatives undertaken by the foundation included burying all of the power and phone lines, which is one factor that contributes to Grafton’s appearance of having been frozen in time.


Middlebury, which can be found in Addison County, is an excellent location to visit if you are interested in the history of Vermont. The Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History has a collection of art and antiquities that, despite its small size, is exhaustive. The museum was established in 1882. Similarly, if you want to learn more about the culture of Vermont, the Vermont Folklife Center here in town is an excellent resource.

In addition to its rich history and collection of historic buildings, Middlebury is located in close proximity to the tranquil Lake Dunmore, a wooded region that is centered on a lake and is ideal for outdoor activities like as hiking and riding. Battell Park, which is located closer to town but offers less interesting activities, is a wonderful spot to go for a stroll in the great outdoors.


The town of Weston, which can be found in Windsor County, is a great destination to visit in Vermont if you’re looking for some authentic Vermont charm from the past. Here, you can simply take a stroll through the town and get lost in its quaint prettiness. From the town green and the Old Parish Church, which was constructed in 1832, to the quaint Village Green Gallery, where you can enjoy art while sipping a cup of coffee, the town has a lot to offer in terms of its picturesque ambiance.

The Farrar-Mansur House was finished in 1797, and it has maintained its original furniture and artistic aspects from the middle of the 19th century. Its collections include quilts, samplers, costumes, toys, and musical instruments. A Concord Coach, which once served as the band wagon for a local brass band, is now housed in a separate structure.

You could take yourself to the Weston Priory, which is home to a small community of Benedictine Monks who sometimes put on services for the public in the small chapel. The clapboard Inn at Weston, which dates back to 1848, is a sweet little place for a hearty breakfast. Alternatively, you could take yourself to the Weston Priory.


The town of Burke is well known for its vicinity to Burke Mountain, which is a mountain that stands at a height of 1,000 meters and is home to the Burke Mountain Ski Area in the winter. In the summer, Burke Mountain offers excellent opportunities for trekking.

In the winter, the routes that are wonderful for mountain biking become ideal for cross-country skiing as well. These trails are maintained by volunteers. When the weather is nice during the summer months, swimming in the adjacent lakes of Willoughby and Crystal is a wonderful activity to enjoy. Hiking surrounding Mount Hor and Mount Pisgah offers even more opportunities for enjoyable outdoor activity.


Waitsfield is located in a valley that is flanked on each side by the Green Mountains and the Northfield Mountains, and it is bordered on all sides by lush green fields that are filled with historic farmhouses. The local economy is based on agriculture, and the region attracts a large number of tourists every year who come to ski in the surrounding mountains. As a result of this, many of the farmhouses that date back to the 19th century have been transformed into family-friendly bed and breakfasts where visitors can unwind among the breathtaking natural scenery.

There is a terrific variety of restaurants in Waitsfield, ranging from Mexican cuisine to vegetarian fare, and even a French bistro; there is even a locally produced IPA that can be used to wash all of that delicious food down.


The history of the town of Dorset may be traced back to the latter half of the 17th century. It played an important part in the establishment of the Vermont Republic, which did not last long. Additionally, it is the location of the oldest marble quarry in the United States.

Even the New York Public Library was built using some of the stone that was mined right here in this area. Despite the fact that the Dorset Quarry has been closed for some time, the land it formerly occupied is still in use. This is a popular swimming hole during the warm summer months, and there are many entry points to choose from. In addition, the surrounding region has an abundance of different hiking paths to choose from. Anyone looking for more of a taste of nature could go over to the adjacent Dorset Mountain, which is another fantastic place.


Stowe is widely recognized for being a ski resort due to its position inside the Green Mountains and its proximity to Mount Mansfield, which is the highest point in Vermont. The town was built in the 19th century, making it a gorgeous location to spend time exploring; the streets of its downtown area are lined with buildings that have been providing services to the local population for many years.

There is the General Store, which has been in existence since 1895, the spectacular Stowe Theater Guild, and the famous white tower of the Stowe Community Church, which dates back to 1963. After you’ve finished with all that adventuring, don’t forget to make a pit stop at Stowe Public House for some of the locally produced beer.


They have had plenty of time to develop the traditional Vermont experience since Woodstock has been a famous tourist destination for years. The town manages to be both lovely and sophisticated all at once, making it the ideal getaway destination while yet offering all of the conveniences that you want. The antique and boutique shopping is some of the finest in the state, the city has fantastic eating choices, and the number of entertainment opportunities is almost limitless.

The Billings Farm and Museum is a wonderful destination for anyone with an interest in history. The property, which was once owned by Laurence and Mary French Rockefeller, is now a dairy farm and has a National Historic Landmark-worthy farm home that dates back to the late 19th century.

People who are interested in cuisine will want to spend the day at F.H. Gillingham & Sons, while people who are interested in art will appreciate the various galleries (the best selection being the Stephen Huneck Gallery).


Putney may be reached from Brattleboro in a matter of minutes. It has a similar atmosphere, but the atmosphere is much more relaxed back. While you’re there, be sure to stop by the winery, as well as the berry and apple orchards and the spinning mill. This is the kind of environment for leisurely strolls and long, deep breathes.

Because you don’t want it to ever change, it’s the type of location that you don’t want to let other people know about. The historic stone arch bridge over Sacketts Brook has been preserved, and the brook itself runs directly through the middle of town. Both the general store and the co-op in Putney are important components of the community. This is the type of town it is.


Are you searching for the lap of luxury?
Shelburne is a town that is located in the Burlington metropolitan area, and it is situated on the banks of the beautiful Lake Champlain. People come here in order to indulge themselves and get pampering. The Shelburne Museum, Shelburne Farms, and the Vermont Teddy Bear Company all call this place home; in addition, it serves as a destination for families.

The farm has a guest house with one hundred rooms, a barn with five stories, hayrides, and an excellent hiking track. Live demonstrations of printing, blacksmithing, and weaving are some of the activities that may be seen at the museum.

During the warm summer months, the beach that runs along the edge of the lake is a wonderful place to spend time, and numerous local businesses provide boat rentals. Shelburne Orchards is where you’ll find Vermont’s most delicious apples and cider when it’s apple season, so be sure to stop by if you’re in the state.

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