Best Athens Hostels For Solo Tourist, Groups Or Holidays

It doesn’t matter whether you’re like history or the great outdoors; a camping trip through Athens will be an unforgettable adventure for anybody.

Athens, which was once the most powerful city in ancient Greece, is now a wonderful sight because to the classical architecture that still stands there.

The following is a list, compiled by travel professionals, of the youth hostels in Athens, Greece, that have received the highest ratings. Athens is known as the cradle of Western theater, democracy, and civilisation.

A Quick Look at the Hostels in Athens.

Athens Travelers with Backpacks

Prices are on a per-weekday basis during the busy season (August).
One of the elements that contributes to the popularity of this hostel is its rooftop bar, which offers daily specials.

There are no additional surprises in the bill thanks to the all-inclusive pricing, and you get complimentary breakfast, as well as tea and coffee.

The kind staff and many common areas where guests may unwind and get to know one another will make even the most independent visitor feel right at home.

In addition, they provide excellent services that are geared toward travelers, such as free high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the property, free city maps, laptops, laundry facilities, and a communal kitchen where guests can cook inexpensive meals on their own.

Hostel Zorbas

During the peak season, prices are shown by workday (August).

This hostel is located in a Victorian structure that has been exquisitely renovated, and it has garnered hundreds of great reviews from customers who have been there.

One of its most advantageous locations is in Victoria Square, which is situated in the middle of the downtown area of the city. Famous historical landmarks are just a short distance away and may be reached on foot from the moment you go outside.

The employees are really kind and welcoming, and they also provide a free walking tour, which is a fantastic opportunity to meet other travelers while also learning about Athens.

These simple, no-frills accommodations are perfect for visitors on a tight budget since they are both affordable and comfy, enabling you to enjoy a good night’s sleep at a low cost.

Athens Hub Hostel

During the peak season, prices are shown by workday (August).

The Athens Hub Hostel is perfect for you if you are searching for a boutique hostel that is located in the middle of Athens. The Monastyraki Square and the Acropolis are just a fifteen-minute walk away from where you are, and the Acropolis is right around the corner. This hostel strikes the ideal balance between convenience and coolness.

The dorms have plentiful natural light and contemporary furniture that is both tasteful and sophisticated. They are designed to evoke the atmosphere of high-end artist lofts. Granite worktops and up-to-date fixtures may be found in enormous bathrooms. The Athens Hub Cafe and the rooftop terrace, which is where regular movie nights are hosted, are two of the many places where digital nomads may find enough room to work throughout their stay.

Those who are on vacation and want to do some exploring won’t have to go very far. The Athens Hub Hostel can be found in the Psiri neighborhood, which is also known as the Athenian Soho. A plethora of options to interact with other people may be found in craft pubs, avant-garde theatre, and hip nightclubs. Athens is home to a number of antique stores and flea markets, both of which are excellent destinations for shoppers interested in art.

Previous visitors have expressed their satisfaction with the Athens Hub Hostel, praising the establishment for its immaculate cleanliness, kind and welcoming personnel, and several excellent deals. Athens Hub Hostel is regarded by many travelers as offering the most affordable rates in the city.

Acropolis View Dream

During the peak season, prices are shown by workday (August).

This establishment, which is operated by a family and is situated in the heart of the hostel, provides a great deal of freebies to guests, so increasing the value that they get for their money.

You will save money on the cost of food and drink as a result of the fully equipped common kitchen, which has everything you want to produce inexpensive but delicious meals prepared at home.

In addition, they provide free use of blankets, towels, and bed linens, as well as a huge locker in which you may keep all of your goods and charge electrical devices. In addition, travelers may get a head start on vacation preparation by receiving free maps and travel advice from helpful staff members.

After a long day of touring, guests are encouraged to unwind at the rooftop bar and take in the breathtaking panorama, which includes both the Acropolis and the Lycabettus. Private rooms with balconies are available, in addition to shared dormitory accommodations that are ideal for budget-conscious visitors and traveling groups.

Bed box

During the peak season, prices are shown by workday (August). Box Box, Because it is a contemporary dormitory that is completely furnished, it is an excellent option for working while traveling.

Even if you have a busy work schedule, you shouldn’t allow that prevent you from taking that once-in-a-lifetime trip to Athens. Simply bring your work with you when you stay at BedBox, which has rooms that are immaculately clean and have comfy mattresses, a smoothie bar that is open around the clock, and daily freebies such as free iced tea and cookies.

There are power outlets at each bed so that electrical devices can be charged, and there is also a comfortable common room where you can catch up on your email or talk to other people who are traveling.

In addition, tourists like the helpful and polite employees, who are always available to provide guidance on all aspects of tourism as well as anything else that may be required during their time at the destination.

San Remo

San Remo Hostel is often ranked as one of the best accommodations in all of Athens. The rooms are always clean, and they have a contemporary feel to them, which is exactly what you should anticipate from a cheap hotel.

You won’t find any opulent conveniences there, but what they lack in terms of personal comforts, they more than make up for in a vivacious and convivial environment.

Others who write reviews of dormitories have given the rooftop lounge a lot of positive attention, which has made everyone pleased since they claim it’s a wonderful spot to meet people who are also traveling.

The rooms are basic, but they are clean, and the low price is suitable for the requirements of the majority of budget-conscious travellers. This hostel is located only a few steps from from the nearest metro station, which provides access to all of the major attractions. A stroll of around twenty minutes will get you to the heart of the city.

Athena Quintus

During the peak season, prices are shown by workday (August).

Athens Quinta goes the additional mile to create a delightful vintage environment by making use of a neoclassical estate that has just undergone restoration and furnishing it with antique pieces.

You are within walking distance of the metro, fashionable clubs and restaurants, and the ancient ruins that dot the landscape of this historic city thanks to your central location in Athens.

Travelers like the elegant, forbidding surroundings and the warm, friendly environment in which they feel at home at this hostel, which has a good score on

After a long day of seeing the city on foot, you may relax and catch up on some R&D in one of the common areas that has been tastefully designed, stretch out and have a drink in the courtyard, and most importantly, sleep in one of the rooms that is clean and comfy.

You will get a glimpse of a side of Athens that is often concealed from visitors by visiting this undiscovered treasure, which is just a twenty-minute walk away from all of the city’s main points of interest.

Safestay of Athens

Safestay Athens, previously known as Athenstyle, is widely regarded as one of the most popular hostels in the world among travelers. Location is the primary factor contributing to the property’s success. Because of the hotel’s convenient location only a few steps from from Monastyraki Square, visitors are just a ten-minute stroll away from the city’s most popular attractions and museums.

Many travelers, at the end of a long day of sight-seeing, make their way to the bar located on the premises, where they may have reasonably priced beverages while taking in breathtaking views of the Acropolis Museum.

Having peace of mind when traveling alone is much easier when there is a secure facility situated in a secure neighborhood.

City Circus

The greatest option for solo travelers, digital nomads, and couples alike. During the peak season, prices are shown by workday (August).

A lively nightlife scene can be found at City Circus, which also has a rooftop patio with breathtaking views of the Acropolis. It is equipped with everything that a social traveler may want.

In addition, the location places you right in the middle of Athens. You can reach Manistara Square and the other cultural centers in about five minutes on foot from your location.

At one of the hostels in Athens that has received the top ratings on, guests can always look forward to a happy hour with discounted glasses of wine and a free walking tour of the city.

In addition, guests are pleased with the rooms’ high level of cleanliness and spaciousness, as well as the restaurant’s extensive breakfast offerings. City Circus is an excellent option for single travelers due to the fact that the surrounding neighborhood is often secure and the staff is welcoming and willing to provide insider recommendations.

Students and Travelers Inn

During the peak season, prices are shown by workday (August).

This welcoming institution, which happens to be one of the first and greatest hostels in Athens, caters to younger tourists who are up for some excitement.

You will be relieved to leave the hostel on Kidatineon after breakfast since it is a well-known street that will bring you to all of the essential locations in Athens that you want to see.

On this busy street, you will find numerous stores, pharmacies, and restaurants, which makes it an excellent location for a walking tour of the city. The ancient ruins are located only a short distance away from this famous street.

There is also a garden bar, which is the ideal location for meeting other tourists and exchanging anecdotes while enjoying a drink. The fact that you can arrange the most convenient boat rides to the island via that hostel is an added plus.

The answers to some of the most often asked questions about hostels in Athens

Where may solo travelers get the finest accommodations in Athens’s hostels?

The City Circus Hostel is a charming establishment that can be found in a region of Athens that is known for its high level of safety. It has a welcoming staff as well as several communal facilities, such as a rooftop café and patio. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for solitary tourists who like to interact with other people while seeing the city and who choose to stay in a hostel.

Where can you find the finest parties at a hostel in Athens?

Party animals will find that Athens Backpackers is an excellent alternative. It is notably well-known for its lively and upbeat ambiance, its helpful staff, and its rooftop bar, which has specialty happy hour beverages and stunning views of the Acropolis. There is another bar with a snack meze located downstairs in the foyer of the hotel. And which option is superior? The final bar is open nonstop throughout day and night!

How would you describe the atmosphere of the hostels in Athens?

In comparison to other capital cities in Europe, the cost of living in Athens is often lower. On the other hand, the hostels there are not exactly known for their low prices. The cost of a night’s stay in a dormitory is often about $20, whereas the cost of a private room in a dormitory is typically between $40 and $60 per night.

Is it risky to stay at a hostel in Athens?

Athens is a very secure city, with the exception of the kind of crimes that occur in crowded areas, like as pickpocketing and stealing. His dorms are just as secure as any other. The majority provide a high-end security system, complete with a front desk that is staffed around the clock, personal lockers, and lockers.

Hostels offer visitors visiting Athens on a budget an unique and inexpensive option to experience the city, since they are known for having a welcoming environment and maintaining cheap costs throughout the year.
When traveling in a large group, using freight buses is an additional technique to save costs that you should consider.

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