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A New X-Ray Scanner Will Cost TSA Over $781 Million

In yet another significant expansion, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced the installation of Computed Tomography (CT) x-ray devices for carry-on goods at TSA checkpoints around the nation.

On Friday, the agency announced that Analogic had been awarded two orders with a combined total value of up to $781.2 million. The orders are for the procurement and maintenance of up to 469 base CT x-ray systems and 469 full-size CT x-ray systems. The CT x-ray systems are expected to be deployed to airport checkpoints as early as this summer.

For the TSA’s CT scanners to be effective, complex algorithms must be used to create 3D pictures of carry-on goods in order to identify guns, explosives, and other forbidden objects. This information allows TSA personnel to examine and detect any possible danger materials included inside a piece of baggage by viewing and rotating the photos on three different axes.

Furthermore, full-size CT systems provide completely automated screening lanes with parallel divestiture stations, which enable for automatic bin return and high threat containment, allowing for more passengers to pass through the system in less time.

According to expectations, the new upgrades would make travel safer while also enhancing the entire passenger experience.

According to TSA Administrator David Pekoske, “These awards represent yet another significant step forward in the enhancement of aviation security.” Moreover, they give our committed frontline officers with one of the greatest tools available for screening passenger carry-on goods, while simultaneously improving the passenger experience by enabling passengers to retain more things in their carry-on baggage while the screening procedure is taking place.”

The news on Friday comes six months after the Transportation Security Administration announced a $198 million contract with Analogic for mid-size CT x-ray equipment. It is being put at TSA checkpoints around the nation, according to the agency, which is now under construction.

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