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2023’s Top 8 American Tourism Locations

There are certain locations that are just really popular right now. Millions more Americans were able to check off destinations such as South Korea and Portugal off their bucket lists in 2018, either to the work of their destination management organizations or the impact of social media.

It goes without saying that the following are some of the most well-liked career paths for Americans today:


Because a portion of the Amazon rainforest is found on Ecuador’s mainland, the country is an excellent travel destination for those who are passionate about nature and the animals that live in it. Quito, the nation’s capital, has a rich history that encompasses a variety of cultural traditions as a result of its location close to the equator. The ancient town has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the fact that it is home to one of the greatest protected areas in all of South America.

South Korea (de)

In addition to having one of the highest safety ratings in Asia, this little nation is home to some of the world’s best cuisine, a fascinating historical history, cutting-edge technology, and a rich artistic and cultural heritage. It is also less costly than many other nations, particularly Japan, which makes it appealing to those who are traveling on a budget or traveling alone.


The Panama Canal, which links the Pacific and Caribbean oceans, is perhaps the most well-known feature of the country of Panama. However, the country has also become well-known for a number of other reasons, including its cuisine, which is influenced by native cuisine as well as Spanish, Chinese, African, and American cooking styles.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Portugal is finally getting the attention it deserves from people in the United States because it has stunning beaches all along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, convenient access to Spain for day trips, and its own distinct language, culture, history, and cuisine.


Dominica is often mistaken with the Dominican Republic, despite the fact that its popularity is on the rise. The sheer number of people that went there is a glaring indication of how well-liked it is: slightly over 14,000 in 2021, and over 61,000 in 2022. The gorgeous island is the only one in the Caribbean that is still inhabited by indigenous people, and it provides a lush tropical retreat for tourists of all income levels who want to enjoy a vacation with fewer crowds. The island is also the only one in the Caribbean that is still inhabited by indigenous people.


The last few years have seen a rise in the number of Americans who choose to spend their summer vacations in Croatia, despite the fact that the country is traditionally more popular with Europeans. As word spread about the stunning scenery along the Adriatic coast and the shooting sites for “Game of Thrones,” an increasing number of tourists started to go there, both on land and on cruise ships that traversed the Mediterranean.


Tahiti is the name of a group of 118 islands, one of which being the island with the same name. Tahiti is quickly becoming a popular destination for tourists who are interested in discovering a vibrant culture while vacationing on some of the most stunning tropical island systems in the world. The destination has only just recovered to the levels it was at before the epidemic. During the pandemic, the destination used the opportunity to build a new tourism strategy that places an emphasis on ethical and environmentally responsible travel.


A variety of sophisticated all-inclusive resorts, such as Sandals Royal Curacao and Zotry Curacao Resort & Spa, can be found on this island, which attracts a lot of tourists since there is so much to see and explore here. Willemstad, a bustling Dutch town, is just one example.

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