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17 Unvaccinated Travel Destinations For 2022!

While it is tempting to believe that everyone who is unvaccinated has the same values and concerns, it is important to remember that not everyone in this group has chosen to be in this position.

Vaccination refusal is based on a variety of medical reasons, many of which are well-documented. Not to mention the fact that the worldwide vaccination program has not yet achieved the global reach that it was expected to have by this point in time.

Tourists who have not been vaccinated are welcome in 17 countries.

Consequently, if you’re looking to enjoy a relaxing holiday in a warm location, here are some nations that welcome tourists who aren’t fully or partly vaccinated.

Picks for Countries That Will Accept Unvaccinated Tourists in 2022!


Everyone is invited to explore this country of distinct culture, fascinating water sports, breathtaking scenery and music as well as kind people that will make you feel welcome.

The results of a negative molecular COVID-19 test must be presented to the authorities before entering the country. A COVID-19 test is necessary for visitors from countries with a high risk of infection, and it must be taken no more than 2 days before to departure.


Visitors from the EU/EEA nations, as well as visitors from Switzerland, will no longer be needed to submit a COVID-19 test, immunization certificate, or quarantine in order to enter the country starting on February 9.

The immigration of individuals from countries outside of the EU/EEA is only authorized in Sweden if they qualify for one of the exceptions to the entry prohibition on third-party nations and can additionally present a negative COVID-19 test done within 72 hours of their arrival in the country.

Beginning on March 31, Sweden will remove all remaining COVID-19 limitations on non-EU citizens.

El Salvador

All limitations have been eliminated in this Central American nation. The result is that both vaccinated and unvaccinated passengers will no longer be required to submit a test or evidence of vaccination in order to enter the country.

Some events or tourist destinations, on the other hand, may demand attendees to provide evidence of immunization.


EU countries and other countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand, are welcome to visit Greece’s world-renowned monuments, such as the Parthenon, the Temple of Apollo, and the Temple of Poseidon. Greece’s beautiful clear-blue ocean beaches are also available to visitors.

Upon arrival in Greece, all travellers above the age of 12 must provide documentation of a negative PCR COVID-19 test performed within 72 hours of their arrival. A negative antigen (rapid) test result obtained up to 48 hours before to departure may also be shown by the passenger.


Sandy beaches, delicious cuisine, and ancient tombs, castles, and palaces are all on the itinerary. That is the island of Cyprus. And they aren’t the only reasons why you should think about spending your vacation time on this gorgeous island this year. The island of Cyprus also boasts one of the Mediterranean’s hottest climates, making it a wonderful destination to visit even in the winter months.

The greatest news, without a doubt, is that you may go to Cyprus even if you have not been vaccinated against the disease. It makes use of the ECDC classification system, which separates nations into three categories: green, yellow, and red.

Non-vaccinated passengers from red nations, such as the United States, must provide proof of an unfavorable PCR test conducted within 72 hours of their arrival in Cyprus and be quarantined for seven days at their own cost.

In order to be accepted, the PCR test result must be printed (rather being sent by SMS), stamped by the lab or hospital that conducted the test, have a barcode, and be written fully in English.

Once in the nation, all visitors are required to submit to an extra RT-PCR test, which they must pay for on their own own.


The island’s laid-back atmosphere, reggae music, beaches, and native cuisine are all compelling reasons to visit this Caribbean destination.

Tourists are asked to apply for and get a travel permission at least 72 hours before their scheduled departure date. Before boarding a flight to the island, all visitors are required to provide a copy of a negative PCR or Antigen test, as well as a valid passport.

All newcomers are asked to quarantine at their point of arrival for up to 14 days, depending on the sort of trip they have undertaken.

The Dominican Republic

Visitors who are not immune to the flu are invited to explore this tropical paradise, which is bordered by nine hundred miles of Caribbean shoreline, world-class resorts, and a thriving nightlife scene.

It is not necessary to get a negative Covid-19 test result. When travellers arrive in the Dominican Republic, they are subjected to rapid tests that are chosen at random. However, this hardly never occurs.

South Africa

One of Africa’s most famous tourist spots is now available to those who have not been vaccinated. Beautiful national parks, vineyards, and prominent resorts in Cape Town are all easily accessible to guests without causing too much difficulty.

Quarantine is not necessary if the Covid-19 test results are negative.

There’s only one item. Some countries still do not allow travelers who have recently visited South Africa to enter, so verify with your embassy before making your travel arrangements.


Turkey is welcoming unvaccinated tourists and offers a variety of experiences ranging from urban Istanbul to medieval coastline getaways and some of the tastiest food you will ever taste.

They must produce proof of a negative PCR test performed within 72 hours of arrival or evidence of a negative antigen test performed within 48 hours of arriving in the nation before entering the country. In certain instances, evidence of vaccination may be needed by law. Consult with your embassy about the specifics of your situation.


In a statement issued on February 12, Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre announced that no vaccination certificates or testing would be needed for entry into the country.

“It’s possible to relax the restrictions since omicron does not produce as severe an illness as prior variations.” Despite the fact that the infection rate is increasing, the percentage of people who end up in hospital is still low. “The vaccination has provided us with excellent protection,” Støre said.

As a result of the judgment, anybody who had the right to enter Norway before to the epidemic would be able to do so without limitation going forward. Please keep in mind that the testing criteria for going to Svalbard will continue to be in force for the time being.
Additionally, the need to submit a digital registration form before to arrival has been eliminated.


With cultural and historical monuments from the Thracian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval Bulgarian and Ottoman civilizations, Bulgaria ranks third in Europe for its cultural and historical monuments. The country also has a vibrant nightlife and delectable culinary.

Visitors from nations in the green, orange, red, and dark red zones who have not been vaccinated are not required to go through quarantine. They just need to provide documentation of a negative COVID test completed up to 72 hours before departure to Bulgaria, or confirmation of a negative fast antigen test performed up to 48 hours before departure to Bulgaria. It is also acceptable to provide proof of having recovered from COVID-19.

For the time being, visitors from red-colored nations will not be permitted to enter the country.


Visitors from all over the globe are welcomed to Portugal by mild winters with temperatures seldom dropping below 5°C (41°F), a rich history, beaches, surfing, music festivals, and, most significantly, a people who are always friendly.

A negative COVID-19 test PCR test completed at least 72 hours before departure; or a rapid antigen test (TRAg) performed within 48 hours of boarding; or an EU Digital Vaccination Certificate are all that are required for travellers who are both vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Everyone must also fill out an online passenger locator card, which may be found here.


Panama, a tiny nation that connects two seas and two continents, is filled with tropical beaches, wildlife, duty-free shopping, and a taste of the good life in the United States of America. A 2.5-hour trip from Miami, and a comparable flight time from South America and Mexico, Panama is open and inviting to people who have not been vaccinated in the past.

Visitors must either provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test or pay to have their blood tested at the Panama airport. In this situation, they must quarantine for 72 hours or until the results of their tests come back as negative as possible.

Travelers who have had vaccinations just need to provide evidence of immunization and complete an electronic sworn affidavit.


Are you looking for an interesting location to spend the winter? Tanzania can be a good choice for you to consider. Take advantage of the country’s expansive beaches, experience its diverse wildlife, or climb Mount Kilimanjaro. This nation really does have it everything.

Travelers must complete an online Health Surveillance Form (available at for the Tanzanian mainland and at for Zanzibar) at least 24 hours before their scheduled arrival date in Tanzania.

Visitors are only need to take a PCR test up to 96 hours before departure and to complete the Traveler’s Health Surveillance Form within 24 hours of arriving in the United States. Travelers who are arriving from high-risk countries or who have visited some of them within the last 14 days should also be subjected to additional quick testing when they arrive at the airport.


Mexico’s breathtaking sugar-white beaches, deserts, cenotes (natural swimming holes), and hundreds of colonial villages offer everything vaccinated and non-vaccinated travelers could want for a peaceful or adventurous getaway. Mexico’s breathtaking sugar-white beaches, deserts, cenotes (natural swimming holes), and hundreds of colonial villages offer everything vaccinated and non-vaccinated travelers could want for a peaceful or adventurous getaway.

For added convenience, Mexico does not need travelers to have a negative Covid-19 test or a vaccination certificate; everyone is welcome!


As a result of the Covid-19 epidemic, this little Caribbean island has become a popular tourist destination for both vaccinated and unvaccinated visitors, not just because of its surreal scenery, but also because of its lax entrance requirements.

Make sure you provide a Covid-19 PCR or serology test that came out negative, and that’s all. Authorities will conduct certain health screening procedures at ports of entry, but nothing too intrusive will be done at these locations. Quarantine is only required for people who test positive for Covid-19 at the airport, and it is optional for everyone else.

Costa Rica

For decades, eco-tourists have been lured to the area by its diverse biodiversity and abundance of species. Belize, on the other hand, is the ideal retreat for tourists of all sorts thanks to its brilliant blue seas and plenty of adventure sports opportunities.

There is no need for testing or quarantine. Unvaccinated tourists, on the other hand, are required to acquire obligatory travel insurance, which includes coverage for hotel accommodations in the event that they are quarantined.

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