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Zimbabwe Expected To The Most Popular Location For Weddings

There are three nations from Africa that are ranked in the top five: Zimbabwe is in first place, South Africa and Kenya are tied for second, and Kenya is in fifth place. Italy and South Africa are tied for second place, while Portugal is in fourth place; these are the only two European nations in the top five.
The website, which provides pricing comparisons, recently conducted a survey to determine which locations would be the most desirable for weddings in 2022 and beyond.

First position goes to Zimbabwe in Southeast Africa, which has witnessed a year-on-year growth in searches that is 56 percent more than it was the previous year. Because it has so much to offer, it is a location that can accommodate the needs and desires of every couple planning their big day. It doesn’t matter if the couple who is about to get married wants to have their ceremony at a safari lodge so that they can have elephants in the background of their wedding photos or if they want to have their wedding somewhere with breathtaking views of the banks of Lake Kariba: Zimbabwe has a lot to offer.

Both Italy and South Africa had a year-on-year gain of 40 percent, placing them in equal second place on the list of the top 10 countries. Both locations provide delighted couples with a plethora of alternatives to choose from when it comes to stunning locations for their wedding, ranging from picture-perfect homes nestled in the undulating hills of Tuscany to stunning vineyards in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

The countries of Portugal and Kenya take the fourth and fifth spots on the list, respectively, and are followed by nations that are well-known for the stunning beauty of their coastlines. The number of people searching for “wedding in Phi Phi or Phuket” has surged by 23 percent as a direct outcome of those people’s daydreams. Following Jamaica in seventh position are Morocco, Brazil, and Mexico in that order respectively.

The top 10 wedding locations that are now trendy


When it comes to organizing a wedding in Zimbabwe, you have a number of different location choices to choose from. There is no better place to have a wedding themed after a safari than at Chengeta Safari Lodge, which is located just outside of Harare in Zimbabwe. This breathtaking location allows you the opportunity to exchange your vows in the midst of the natural splendor that Zimbabwe has to offer.

While zebras graze nearby on the 13,000-hectare private game reserve, you will have an unlimited selection of beautiful scenery from which to pick. Lake Kariba Houseboats is the place to go if you’re dreaming of a waterside since it has an expansive man-made lake that will be in every picture. The view there is really one of a kind and will leave you speechless.


A beautiful home with views of the rolling hills of Tuscany and the spectacular architecture of Rome, Italy exudes an air of romanticism from every conceivable vantage point. Palazzo Gori Pannilini is the ideal location for a wedding, particularly for those who are interested in having a luxurious affair. It is a five-star hotel just outside of Florence that is full of Italian charm and history, and it will be ideal for the big day because of this combination.

Africa, South

Wedding venues in South Africa are many and varied, providing engaged couples with a wide selection of options. The Bay Hotel, which is located in Cape Town and is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious locations in the city for weddings, is an excellent choice for cosmopolitan couples looking to be married.

The premium location has a rotunda that is perfect for those who want a day that is opulent, elegant, and whimsical. Alternatively, for a more casual atmosphere, couples may choose to have their event in their exclusive private beach club, which features views of Camps Bay.


As a result of its pleasant climate and location within close proximity to the azure waters of the Mediterranean, Portugal has developed a reputation as a sought-after location for weddings and now provides a large number of opulent ceremony sites.

There are several golf clubhouses in the Algarve that are of world-class quality and are certain to provide a lovely location for more intimate celebrations. Gremio Castle in the center of Lisbon is the best option for people who need more space for a larger wedding; it is a modest secret garden hidden behind the doors of a lovely pink palace in the historic area that gives all of the beauty and romance that the city has to offer.


The serene environment of Kenya, which is surrounded by the sounds of the bush, is so romantic that Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton, who is now the Duchess of Cambridge, there. Kate Middleton is now the Duchess of Cambridge. The Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp is the perfect place to have your wedding if you want it to have the feel of a safari!

It is located on a private concession, which ensures that your big day will still be personal, and it features plentiful iconic species as well as panoramic views of the Masai Mara, giving it the sense of a classy and modern safari.


There are so many breathtaking beaches in Thailand that it is difficult to conceive of a more picturesque location. The five-star The Tongsai Bay Hotel, which has been nicknamed the perfect romantic getaway due to the fact that it provides access to a big freeform pool overlooking the ocean, is available to be reserved only by couples. In order to create memories that will last a lifetime, you may have your wedding on the beach under a flower arch and include a traditional Thai water blessing.

Or, if you are looking for a location that will leave a lasting impression on your guests, how about the limestone caverns that are located all around Rayavadee in Krabi? Because they look out over the azure waves of Phranang beach, the wedding photographs you take here will be stunning.


Beginning your life together as a married couple on an island surrounded by the enticing atmosphere of the Caribbean is such a classic way to celebrate the occasion. You are not limited to magnificent beaches with Instagram-worthy sunsets, though; you also have the option of holding weddings in the lush highlands or in the vicinity of shimmering waterfalls.

At the Ocho Rios waterfalls, engaged couples may celebrate their union in the middle of a lush tropical jungle with a picture-perfect waterfall serving as the background. You have the option of continuing the festivities at the Sandals Ochi Luxury Resort by hosting the reception there.


Celebrate amid the foothills of the Atlas highlands at the Marrakech refuge known as The Capaldi. This venue has a rooftop terrace with panoramic views of the neighboring olive orchards, making it ideal for a wedding day that is sure to be unforgettable! In spite of the fact that it is modern and fashionable, it still retains typical Moroccan accents, such as rich carpets and sumptuous antiques, which together provide an aura of understated elegance.


Do you want your wedding to take place on a secluded peninsula? You should stay in the Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort because it’s the best option. You and your guests will be surrounded by Brazilian bungalows on the brink of a brilliant green sea, and you will be able to organize your wedding reception in the gazebo at the end of the wooden bridge, where you will be able to enjoy the most romantic wedding breakfast possible.

The Botanique Hotel and Spa in So Paulo is a good option to consider if you want a location that is located farther inland. It is surrounded by a natural environment that is really representative of Brazilian culture and is thus characterized by a more tranquil atmosphere.


Mexico is a wonderful spot to start looking if you want to be married in a location where a lot of A-list celebrities have tied the knot in the past. Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson made the decision to have their wedding in Cabo, which was once known as Los Cabos, since the location so magnificently showcases both the expansive desert landscapes and the blue ocean.

If you wish to relive your friend or family member’s wedding day, The Cape is a hotel that will make your dreams come true. It is possible to have a formal celebration or a romantic wedding there since it is surrounded by the breathtaking natural scenery of Los Cabos. The Cape may be fashioned into the picture you have in your head for the most important day of your life.

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