Virtually Visiting Introduces New 360° Virtual Travel Platform

Experts in the field of virtual travel Virtually Visiting is pleased to announce the debut of a new service that allows you to visit the world from the comfort of your own home. Travel enthusiasts may now take advantage of the professionally led 360° Virtual Reality tour platform, which will take them on a journey around the globe, from the Arctic to the coast of South Africa, all in 360 degrees. They might be considered as an introduction to future travel adventures, as a sampling for a wide range of trip possibilities, or as a refresher on previous travel experiences.

Virtually Visiting is a new digital platform that combines travel with virtual reality to offer a 360-degree video experience. It is currently under beta testing. An international team of travel and virtual reality professionals has collaborated with professional tour guides from 55 tour firms in 30 countries to create an immersive 360° tour library, with itineraries that have been handpicked and led by the tour guides themselves. The activities on offer vary from city tours to kayaking expeditions. Visitors may glance around and concentrate on whatever takes their attention, just as they would on a real-life trip, while being followed by their tour guide. It is an immersive and comfortable way to try out a range of tours in a number of destinations without having to commit to a large financial investment.

To celebrate the introduction of the program, Virtually Visiting is providing a free, creative whistle-stop tour of eight nations in only eight minutes. Following the debut, a free in-depth tour of India will serve as an introduction to the platform’s full-length adventures, with a new video being released each day following that.

According to Jonny Cooper, the creator of Off The Map Travel and Virtually Visiting, “It is our online, anytime version of ‘Around The World in Eighty Days.” “However, here you can do the same task in eight minutes,” he said.

Recognizing the importance and professionalism of the tour guides who will be conducting these new events, all revenues will be divided equally among the professionals, in a manner comparable to how visitors would pay for the experts’ knowledge and skill in real-world situations.

Because of shifting border limitations and health concerns, virtual travel has grown more popular, filling a need and satisfying a desire among individuals to explore the globe and have new experiences throughout the world. The experience of virtually visiting is, in Cooper’s words, “completely immersing.” While viewing, you get the impression that you are really there, whirling about and attempting to take it all in. You may rewatch each tour as many times as you like since a 360° virtual tour allows you to see something different every time.”

Another advantage is that viewers may create diary entries and plan future real-life travels, which is a nice bonus. Visitors will be able to construct a Virtual Passport in which they may collect stamps indicating where they have visited digitally. This will allow them to return at any time and will also provide access to free tours as well as excursions available for purchase.

“Virtual tourism is an exciting way for people to see the globe,” says Cooper, “and it is something that we hope will contribute to the richness of the travel business and the traveling community.” Virtual tourism is a growing sector, according to Cooper. The purpose of our platform is not to replace actual travel, but rather to give a new and interesting method to combine the physical world with digital technology while also helping the travel industry.”

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