Victoria’s Travel Voucher Scheme

With the support of a $200 million economic stimulus program to help restore the tourist sector, Victoria’s travel voucher system is making a comeback, with 150,000 certificates available for the taking.
Senior Victorians will get first dibs on the vouchers, with an initial 10,000 certificates being made available exclusively to seniors starting on Monday, April 1.
On Wednesday, March 23, an extra 140,000 coupons will be made accessible to all residents of Victoria.

Seniors who spend $400 or more on paid accommodations, trips, and activities will be able to receive a $200 refund from the government.

Residents must be in possession of a current Victorians Seniors Card or Seniors Business Discount Card in order to qualify.
In the morning of tomorrow, registration will begin, and the successful beneficiaries will be determined by drawing lots.

The coupons are subsequently made available to all Victorians eight days later, on a first-come, first-served basis, and are only available until the allotment has been expended.
Victorians who spend a minimum of $400 on a vacation in Victoria and stay at least two nights in paid accommodation are eligible for a $200 payback.
It is possible to use the vouchers for travel between April 8 and May 27.

The voucher program builds on prior rounds of coupons for travel in Melbourne and surrounding areas.
So far, more than $159 million has been spent on accommodations, excursions, and other activities in the country.
When the vouchers were available in prior rounds, they were so popular that the government’s website had a temporary outage as a result of the large number of Victorians attempting to purchase them at the same time.

Visit for additional information on the Seniors and Victorian Travel Voucher Schemes, as well as to submit an application.

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