United Will Start The Exclusive Nonstop US-Mallorca Service

Mallorca, the biggest of the Balearic Islands and also one of the most popular tourist destinations, is located off the coast of Spain. It will be the first time that people from the United States will be able to travel straight from the United States to the island in Spain.

United Airlines has just begun operating nonstop flights between Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) and Palma de Mallorca (PMI). The Boeing 767-300 aircraft, which can carry as many as 204 people, will be used by the airline to provide service along this route three times each week.

Prior to this year, citizens of the United States who had already left the country were unable to travel straight to the popular island. Instead, they were forced to go on lengthy journeys that included detours to significant cities in Spain such as Barcelona and Madrid.

The two continents will be linked in a way that has never been done before as a result of a pioneering route operated by United Airlines.

In the near future, nonstop service between Newark and Palma de Mallorca will be offered by United Airlines.

In 2019, over 30,000 individuals traveled to Majorca through New York on their way to the island. Because it was one of the few locations in New York that did not have nonstop flights, United Airlines decided to take action and add a new seasonal route to its already extensive network in order to remedy the situation.

Ibiza, Formentera, and Menorca are some of the other islands in the Balearic Islands group, of which Palma is the main city. Other islands in the group include Formentera and Menorca. It’s possible that Palma de Mallorca is even more popular than any other island in Spain, and it certainly ranks among the most coveted travel destinations in all of Europe.

In 2019, the world’s most renowned island was visited by over 12 million tourists. In the period after Covid, it is anticipated that number will once again be the same this year.

This is the very first regular route ever established between the two cities, and it will continue to operate three times each week until September 23.

A direct flight to Mallorca need not blow your budget if you book it in advance.

If you plan your trip carefully this summer, you should also be able to get reasonably priced nonstop flights to Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca.

At the end of the summer, you have the greatest opportunity to acquire a beautiful holiday in Europe at a price that is cheap and that allows you to avoid the crowds that are present throughout the summer.

You will need to seek for dates around the middle of September if you want to get an economical trip to Mallorca through Newark.

Beginning on Tuesday, September 13, and continuing through Friday, September 23

$542 in basic savings. (all directions included).
The amount of $2,448 in business. (Both directions included).

Please take note that there are no seats available in Premium Economy.

When traveling on this trip during the months of July and August, basic economy tickets might cost anywhere from $1,200 to $2,100.

Because it leaves late at night, you will have time to have supper before the flight and, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get some sleep while you’re in the air. Because of this, this trip is ideal for first-time travelers as well as experienced ones. The next morning, you get up bright and early in the beautiful city of Palma de Mallorca.

The regulations currently in place to enter Spain

Travel to Spain is permitted for any and all American citizens, even those who have not had vaccinations. Nevertheless, the standards for the record change based on whether or not you have received vaccinations.

Americans who have been vaccinated

Prove evidence that you were vaccinated or that you are recovering, or show that your PCR or RAT test came back negative.

When arriving in Spain, inhabitants of the United States are required to display a QR code created by Travel Health Spain. This code may be acquired via the website or by downloading the “SpTH app.”

The flight leaves Newark Liberty International Airport at 21:05 and arrives in Mallorca at 11:10 the following morning, making the total time spent in the air about 8 hours.

You may enter Spain even if you have not had all of your vaccinations as long as you provide one of the following documents:

A certificate stating that you have passed a PCR test or an express antigen test within 72 hours of your travel, or within 24 hours if your journey is less than 24 hours away.
Documentation demonstrating recovery from COVID-19 during the most recent six months.
Before entering Spain, visitors from the United States who are not vaccinated are required to fill out a QR code. You may look up this code on the Spanish version of the Travel Health website.
Evidence of immunization, a certificate of recovery, or a negative COVID test are not required of children under the age of 12, nor are they required to present proof that they have recovered from the disease.
No American is obliged to enter quarantine, regardless of whether or not they have received vaccinations.

United is now working to extend its network across Europe.

This summer, United Airlines will continue to expand its network throughout Europe, and the airline is placing a significant bet on the consistent and robust demand for travel to Europe.
Additionally, in recent weeks, the airline began operating a seasonal route between Newark and Tenerife. It provides American tourists with an additional direct route between the United States and another island in Spain.

The airline will operate three round trips each week between the two locations, with a total capacity of 507 passengers on each flight.

This summer, United began offering direct flights between Newark and Norway for the first time in the previous six years, re-establishing connectivity between the two cities.

Additionally, the airline has restored service between Newark and Dubrovnik, Croatia. This trip is the sole flight that travels nonstop between the United States and Croatia.

It is very evident that United Airlines has no intention of obstructing the rapid recuperation of its network, which has been subjected to significant restraints over the course of the last two years as a direct result of COVID-19.

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