Uber Temporarily Increases Fuel Surcharges

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has disrupted global oil supply lines, forcing petrol prices up to ever-increasing record highs. Everyone is feeling the pinch at the gas pump, perhaps most acutely those who drive for a living or for business purposes.

Uber, the top ridesharing business, stated on Friday that it would begin charging consumers a fuel premium on March 16 in order to assist its drivers through this tough period. It will cost either 45 or 55 cents every Uber journey, and either 35 or 45 cents for Uber Eats delivery order, depending on where you are in the world.

“This is temporary for at minimum the next 60 days, after which we will review,” Uber said in a press statement issued last week.

Uber said that the premium levels it determined were based on estimations of typical trip lengths and increases in petrol prices in each state, and that 100 percent of the extra fee would go straight into the wallets of its drivers to assist them cover their fuel expenditures.

One exception: trips that begin or end in New York City, as well as orders delivered in the Big Apple, will be exempt from the nationwide application of fuel surcharges, due to the fact that NYC Uber drivers recently received a 5.3-percent increase to the city’s minimum wage standard, which was implemented on March 1. 

This, according to the corporation, compensates the extra operational expenses incurred by its contractors, particularly given the fact that the great majority of delivery employees in New York City pedal rather than drive.

The company said in a press statement that it “understands that costs have been rising throughout the economy,” adding that it “has done all we can to support drivers and couriers without imposing an undue burden on customers.” 

“Over the next several weeks, we want to pay special attention to the comments we get from customers, couriers, and drivers.” The Department of Energy will also continue to monitor fluctuations in gasoline prices to decide if more measures are required.”

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