Turkish Airlines Welcomes Travelers To Tour Istanbul

The “Tour Istanbul” excursion is one of the unique services that Turkish Airlines offers to its passengers, and the airline is now offering it once again. Free city excursions are being offered to foreign transit passengers so that the national carrier may demonstrate to the rest of the globe what it is that makes Istanbul so unique.

Between their two flights, eligible passengers will have the opportunity to discover Istanbul’s historical and cultural wonders such as the Sultanahmet Mosque, Ayasofya Mosque, and Topkap Palace thanks to the complimentary city tour that Turkish Airlines provides to its guests with a connecting time between 6-24 hours in Istanbul Airport. The program provides for guests to be picked up at Istanbul Airport by a vehicle belonging to Tour Istanbul, to be transported on the Istanbul tour accompanied by a guide, and to be delivered back to Istanbul Airport in time for the subsequent part of their journeys. The national airline plans to use the initiative in an effort to enhance its market share of transit passengers and to make a contribution to Turkey’s tourist industry.

On the occasion of the resumption of the project, the Chief Marketing Officer of Turkish Airlines, Ahmet Olmustur, made the following statement: “With the Tour Istanbul project, we aim to showcase Turkish hospitality and Istanbul’s one-of-a-kind wonders to our guests and contribute to the tourism industry in Turkey.” Through the provision of this premium service, we want to raise the total number of transfer passengers as well as our market share. The Tour of Istanbul has resumed its operations after being put on hold because to COVID-19 in 2020. Since 2019, a total of 349,738 visitors have had the opportunity to learn more about Istanbul via the use of the service. Along with a growth in the number of passengers, the contentment of our visitors who choose to take use of the service is giving us with the inspiration we need to continue developing the program. Up to the end of the year, we anticipate that about 60,000 visitors will take use of the Tour Istanbul privilege.

Tour Istanbul is giving people from 129 different countries the opportunity to see Istanbul, and in preparation for their visit, the itinerary for the tour takes into account the visitors’ flight schedules. Passengers are able to choose the excursion that is most convenient for their flight timings from among the six various trips that are offered each day.

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