Travellers Travel Halfway Across The Globe For Just €12!

£10 (€12) airfares to Australia are up for sale next month, and it seems too good to be true. But it is genuine. The substantially reduced airfares – flights from London to Adelaide are generally closer to €1,000 – are meant to lure more international employees to visit the country.

A country of opportunity, Australia has long been seen by young Europeans as a destination where they may learn a new trade or vacation on a shoestring budget in the sun. This campaign has been started by the South Australian Tourism Commission in order to win them back when travel restrictions were finally lifted this year.

Prospective travelers must be between the ages of 18 and 30 in the United Kingdom and between the ages of 18 and 35 in Ireland, and they must be prepared to fly to Adelaide before the end of September 2022. Qatar Airways will begin selling 200 of the exceptionally low-cost roundtrip tickets in May, with flights leaving from Heathrow, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Dublin.

“Working holiday makers are returning to South Australia, which is a welcome sight. For young people who want to travel and work overseas as well as for our local tourist business, this is a win-win situation “Zoe Bettison, South Australia’s minister for tourism, has said that

In addition, our tourist operators have missed having foreign visitors join them on their excursions and experiences and filling up their accommodations, and they have also missed having a backpacker workforce and the energy that they offer.

For a working vacation in Australia, what do you need is a few basic items.

The “ten pound poms” program (a £10 aided passage migration initiative that began in 1945) is being revived, with employment opportunities in hotels, outback stations, and farms available as a result.

Young people from the United Kingdom and Ireland will need to get a working holiday visa in addition to completing the requirements outlined above. You are not need to have a job lined up when you submit your application.

This service is 495 Australian dollars (about €333) each year and is valid for 12 months. The “Second Working Holiday Visa” may allow you to continue your experience for an additional year if you fall in love with the outback while on your first trip. The regulations were relaxed on April 17 and are now in full effect.

Visa holders who have been vaccinated are no longer required to take a test before entering the country.

The promotion also requires that the fortunate travelers must buy a vacation starting kit from UK travel business Trailfinders for £162 (€192) in order to be eligible to participate. Accommodation for three nights in a hostel, coupons, and instructions on how to open a bank account and, most importantly, locate employment are all included.

What is the point of traveling to Adelaide?

Adelaide isn’t typically the first pick for tourists looking for a place to stay in Australia. The well-known landmarks of Sydney and Melbourne, with their international café cultures, are often given additional attention.

Adelaide, on the other hand, has plenty of beaches for a post-work swim, and it’s evident from the minister’s statements that young Europeans will be welcomed with open arms in Adelaide.

As she went on to say, “These travelers instill a deep affection for our state and for our nation, which often leads them to return later in life.”

Work opportunities for British and Irish citizens exist in a wide range of industries in Adelaide and regional South Australia, including bars, restaurants, wineries, hotels, outback stations, farms, and other agricultural enterprises. These opportunities not only help to fill positions, but also provide an opportunity for economic and cultural exchange that benefits both sides of the world.

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