Traveling To Uzbekistan Here Are Some Insider Tips

If you’re planning a trip to Uzbekistan, our travel advice and updates will provide you with important information and practical ideas. Uzbekistan is a mystery nation in the East where the history of towns is preserved in stories, where the sun is shining all year round and which reflects the country’s distinctive nature and lovely hearts, and where the people are kind and welcoming.

Fortunately, Uzbekistan is becoming more welcoming to tourists, and the country modified its tourism regulations in July 2018.

Passport holders from 17 countries may now travel to Uzbekistan without a visa, and passport holders from 51 other countries (including all of those from the European Union, Australia, Canada, and the United States) can apply for an e-visa, which is exactly what I did, as can be seen here.

In February 2019, a new visa-free regime was implemented for citizens of a large number of countries, including all of the nations that are members of the European Union.

More information may be found on the Uzbek Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website, which is linked above.

Citizens of the United States of America are still required to apply for a visa. In order to get an e-visa, you must first register at the official website.

Increase your search beyond the most popular vacation spots.

While visiting Uzbekistan’s big towns such as Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva is a wonderful experience, it is also good to venture beyond the beaten path and discover some of the country’s unique, lesser-known sights. There are several towns where you will find, as was the case at the beginning of the twentieth century, a plethora of natural treasures that will set your journey apart from other trips.

Sentab’s long-abandoned ancestral village

Sentab is an excellent destination for seeing the native way of life and trekking through a picturesque mountain hamlet. But, above all, seeing the abandoned ancient settlement of Sentab and the wrecked cottages perched on the peaks of the mountains adds to the overall impact of this location.

The Demon Plateau is number three.

The Plateau of Demons, which is located on the route between Samarkand and Shahrisabz, is a beautiful valley of massive granite boulders that is worth stopping for. Because of the wind’s flawless modification of the forms of the rocks over thousands of years, some of them resemble rabbits, snakes, bears, and other animals. If you’re traveling from Samarkand to Urgut or Shahrisabz, this might be a fantastic stopover on your way back.

The bonus is the one-of-a-kind desert woodland.

Explore the desert forest on foot, by bicycle or horseback, have a picnic, or overnight in a yurt surrounded by deer. You will forget that you have really arrived in Uzbekistan because of the incredible architecture, and we are one of the few professionals in the country who can provide an outstanding journey to a unique desert forest that will leave you forgetting that you have truly landed in Uzbekistan.

Take your shoes off before entering a mosque or religious building.

Some mosques in Uzbekistan will require you to remove your shoes before entering, so be prepared to do so during your visit. When entering a mosque (or a tomb), it is customary to remove your shoes even if no one asks you to do so. If you notice a carpet at the entry, you should remove your shoes regardless of whether anybody asks you to. You don’t have to be concerned about your shoes being taken anymore. Uzbekistan is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world.

Demonstrate your ability to bargain.

The practice of haggling over a price is a feature of Oriental culture. When we go to the markets and stores, we always bargain for the things we want to purchase. However, it is not like if you were in China, where you might reduce the price by 70%. In Uzbekistan, vendors may be willing to accept a 15-20 percent discount off the product’s original price if the buyer is patient. Finally, when you understand the worth of the goods and the price seems to be reasonable, negotiation is a difficult task.

The added advantage is that superstitions are quite prevalent in Uzbekistan. People think that selling to the first customer in the morning would bring them a fortunate day, therefore they are delighted to sell to the first customer at a much cheaper price.

If you are a vegetarian, you might consider visiting local bazaars.

Though you can find some vegetarian options at most places, it will be more difficult to find vegetarian options in smaller towns or smaller eateries, especially in the winter. In such instance, visiting a local bazaar is the most practical approach. Among the items you’ll discover at a bazaar are freshly baked bread, fresh fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, and even some vegetable-based snacks.

Make arrangements for a vacation during Ramadan.

Do you think you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation to Uzbekistan during Ramadan? Without a doubt, yeah! Despite the fact that Muslims constitute the majority of the population of Uzbekistan, Islam is not recognized as the official religion of the country. Despite Ramadan, many continue to work. It is possible to visit the stores, bazaars, restaurants, and museums at this time. There will be less customers in the restaurants during that time period, and some smaller teahouses and restaurants may be able to reduce the quantity of food on their menus. During the month of Ramadan, the only change will be the absence of this.

It might be prudent to research the local fasting hours in order to determine when the eateries will be fully occupied!

Is Friday considered a working day?

In Uzbekistan, the working week runs from Monday to Saturday. For the majority of companies in Uzbekistan, Sunday is the sole day off during the weekend. Saturday is just a weekend at banks and a few private enterprises, and only in banks and few private companies. Friday is a typical business day, with all establishments open for business as usual. However, people tend to attend mosques around noon, so you should schedule your visits to mosques at a different time of day.

Always have cash on hand in case of an emergency.

Despite the fact that ATMs and banks can be found everywhere, it is preferable to keep some cash on hand. The majority of restaurants and motels do not accept credit cards as a form of payment.

Do you think there’s enough room for your luggage?

Before you reserve a vehicle, be sure it has adequate capacity for your belongings. The majority of automobiles in Uzbekistan are equipped with two fuel reservoirs, one for gasoline and another for diesel. If your vehicle is equipped with a methane gas reservoir (which is often located in the baggage compartment), there will be insufficient space for your luggage in such situation. As a result, you should inquire about it before to booking your cab, or you could pack lighter items in advance.

Please keep in mind that, in order to provide our customers with the greatest possible comfort, our agency’s vehicles are not equipped with gas reservoirs.

Become familiar with some fundamental Uzbek phrases.

It will be much appreciated by the locals, and it will make communicating with them much simpler. Here are only a few examples:

Hello = Salam.


Thank you very much. Rahmat

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