Travelers To Europe Worry About Ukraine’s Conflict

According to a poll conducted by MMGY Global, the conflict in Ukraine is starting to influence how tourists think about visiting Europe. According to MMGY, it conducted a poll of “hundreds of U.S. tourists” who had intentions to go to Europe, and of those who responded, 62 percent stated they were concerned about the conflict expanding to surrounding nations, which had an influence on their plans.

Furthermore, 47 percent said they will hold off on making trip plans to Europe until they see how the situation in Ukraine develops.

Half of those who answered the survey were worried about probable travel disruptions such as border closures, airplane delays, cruise ship cancellations, and rail cancellations.

Travel advisers and suppliers, according to Clayton Reid, CEO of MMGY Global, should educate passengers of the company’s flexible cancellation and rebooking policies.

The economist believes that this reluctance will be short-lived and that mood would rebound to considerably more optimistic levels ahead to the peak travel season in Europe, which is coming up soon.

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