Travel Restrictions Are Being Relaxed In The Philippines

On February 10, the Philippines reopened its borders to the vast majority of nations and has continued to ease entrance and local restrictions. Travelers from nations that do not need a visa, such as the United States, who are properly vaccinated are being allowed into the Philippines.

Arrivals are required to provide a negative COVID-19 test result obtained within 48 hours of boarding as well as a vaccination certificate upon arrival.

2nd of March, 2022 The Philippines anticipates an increase in tourism as a result of the relaxation of limitations.
According to the Malacaang Palace, more than 25,000 visitors have visited the nation since it opened its doors last month.

Following the government’s relaxation of COVID-19 guidelines on Monday, the Tourist Department forecasts a significant increase in tourists.

Emergency restrictions in Metro Manila and 38 other locations around the nation have been decreased to alert level 1, the lowest possible level out of five on a five-point scale, making it possible to resume normal business operations.

According to Puyat, “the tourist agency is optimistic about the restoration of many tourism employment and prospects that were previously lost as a result of the epidemic.”

The Philippines has welcomed roughly 10,000 foreign visitors in the first three days after reopening its borders.

According to Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat, more than 9,000 foreign tourists have arrived in the Philippines since the country opened its borders on February 13. She expressed astonishment at the unusually large number of visitors.

“I was pleasantly pleased when we reopened on February 10; I had expected just a handful of people to show up. But then I was so taken aback when a large number of people showed there,” Puyat said in an ANC interview on Monday.

The Department of Tourism anticipates a gradual rise in visitor numbers, which will help to restore the local tourism industry’s health and vitality.

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