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Top Digital Nomad Destinations in the US by 2022

Because to the COVID-19 epidemic, the employment market in the United States and throughout the world saw an enormous shift toward remote labor in 2022. This trend is predicted to increase interest in the digital nomad lifestyle in 2022 and beyond, as office employees who have transitioned to remote work begin to discover the benefits of their newfound geographic independence.

According to a survey conducted by MBO Partners, the number of remote employees climbed by 49 percent between 2019 and 2021, resulting in 15.5 million Americans presently working from home at any one time.

Even while some long-time digital nomads love roaming the world for years at a time, others who are new to remote working may opt to test the waters with shorter journeys first. In addition, the continuation of pandemic-related travel restrictions may push many people to prefer local travel over foreign experiences in the year 2022.

The nomad lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular among young professionals, according to Tara Lewis, a Yelp trend expert. “These destinations offer a mix of adventurous activities and city perks that are appealing to the many working professionals who have transitioned to the nomadic lifestyle as a result of their newfound ability to work from anywhere,” she said.

Nashville, Tennessee

Tennessee’s capital city will appeal to remote workers who like country music, delicious cuisine, and shopping opportunities. This city offers everything a digital worker might possibly need.

Nashville’s average rental fees are $1,570 per month, on average.


With year-round sunny weather, 22 miles of sandy beachfront that includes some of the greatest Florida beaches, and a slew of popular services and activities, like shared office spaces, furniture assembly, golf instruction, and brewery tours, Jacksonville is an excellent choice.

In Jacksonville, the average rental fee is $1,411 per month, according to rental site Zumper.

Fort Collins, Colorado

Craft beer connoisseurs and outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate Fort Collins’ impressive selection of craft brewers as well as its large network of parks and hiking trails.

In Fort Collins, the average monthly rental fee is $1,735 per month.

Salt Lake, Utah

Salt Lake City is a great destination for digital nomads who like activities such as skiing, bicycling, camping, and fishing. There are some of the top ski slopes in the world right here in the city, and it has an extensive range of outdoor leisure activities to choose from.

Salt Lake City’s average rental costs are $1,478 per month, on average.

Austin, Texas

According to forecasts, Austin will be one of the hottest U.S. real estate cities in 2021, because to its thriving music, arts, and cuisine sectors. The city also has the most digital nomad-friendly facilities on the list, such as cowering spaces and furniture rental services, among other things.

The average monthly rental fee in Austin is $1690.

Charleston, South Carolina

A plethora of rental houses, top-notch restaurants, and outdoor activities are available in Charleston.

In Charleston, the average monthly rental fee is $1,708 per month.

Asheville, North Carolina

Live bluegrass music, amazing food, and easy access to the Appalachian Mountains are just some of the reasons why Asheville is so popular.

Rent in North Carolina is on average $1,208 per month, according to the most recent data.

Miami, Florida

In recent years, Miami has emerged as a popular location for digital nomads and remote workers seeking to be surrounded by other like-minded individuals. Due to its status as a major international trading center, as well as its wide variety of banks and enterprises, the city provides several chances to get engaged in fascinating initiatives of all sizes and scopes.

Apart from that, Miami’s world-class restaurants and VIP entertainment make it the ideal destination for digital nomads.

Miami’s average rental costs are $1,998 per month, according to a recent survey.

Boise, Idaho

Rivers, lakes, and hiking trails abound in Boise, which makes it a haven for nature lovers. RV maintenance and RV parking are just a few of the services available to digital nomads living in mobile homes.

Rent in Boise is on average $1,554 per month, according to the city.

San Jose, California

The fact that Silicon Valley is crammed with all of the services a digital nomad could possibly need is no surprise; yet, newbies may be pleasantly surprised by the thriving international culinary scene and the abundance of outdoor activities in the surrounding areas.

Rent in San Jose is on average $2,411 per month, according to rental data.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Establishing a base of operations in Las Vegas is not a risk for remote employees. Ample services, entertainment, and shopping can be found on the Las Vegas Strip, while the surrounding region is home to several hiking trails and other outdoor activities. Housing is also readily available and reasonably priced.

The average rental fee in Las Vegas is $1421 per month, according to rental site.

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