Top Bangladeshi Dishes To Taste When You Go

For a true Bangladeshi experience, here is a list of the best Bangladeshi foods to taste while in the country, including main courses, beverages, and desserts. Bangladesh is renowned for the delectable cuisine and sweets that it offers.

Bangladeshi cuisine is characterized by its high level of spice. Bangladeshi cuisine is dominated by rice. In Bangladesh, the most prevalent traditional Bangladeshi dish for the general public is rice, fish curry, and lentil. Bangladesh is also well-known for its sweets and desserts. In Bangladesh, you will discover hundreds of sweets, rice cakes, rice puddings, and a variety of other desserts, most of which are produced from rice and cow’s milk. It is a culinary paradise for those who like good cuisine.

A list of the best Bangladeshi dishes that everyone visiting Bangladesh should try in order to get a true taste of the country. The majority of these dishes may be served at traditional Bangladeshi restaurants, however some of them are prepared at home and are not accessible in restaurants. A Bangladeshi household will only allow you to sample their cuisine if you are invited. Consider trying the following popular Bangladeshi dishes and reporting back in the comments section on your experience……………………..

Bhuna Khichuri

‘Bhuna Khichuri’ is a Bengali phrase that refers to the process of browning, combining, or deep frying spices with rice and lentil. It is a more flavorful variation of the traditional Khichuri. Bhuna is a Hindi word that meaning braised, which suggests that this meal is cooked slowly to allow the flavors and spices to infiltrate, as opposed to the more straightforward technique of cooking everything together during the other times. While it is braising and cooking, you will be unable to resist the wonderful scent!

Bhuna Khichuri is a dish that may be prepared with a variety of meats, including beef, mutton (goat), and chicken. Additionally, eggs or prawns may be added to the dish. Traditional Bangladeshi eateries serve it for lunch as a highly popular meal among the locals. Bhuna Khichuri is the third most genuine Bangladeshi dish that you should have if you ever find yourself in the country of Bangladesh.

Patla Khichuri – Delightful Bangladeshi Cuisine

Patla Khichuri is the authentic traditional Khichuri of Bangladesh, prepared simply with rice and lentils and served with steamed rice. It has a semi-liquid consistency. Various seasonal vegetables, spinach, and potatoes are often used in the preparation. It is served with any kind of meat curry, whether it is beef, mutton, or chicken. Served with a fried egg or Begun Bhaja, if desired (fried eggplants). Only a spoonful of ghee is required to bring out the true flavor of this delectable meal.

Patla Khichuri is a traditional Bengali dish that is considered romantic. During a monsoon day’s heavy rain, a hot dish of Patla Khichuri with meat is just what every traditional Bengali person desires! During the two Eid holidays, which are the most important festivals in Bangladesh, Patla Khichuri is prepared in every rural home. The dish Patla Khichuri is a popular dish to offer with beef curry when people go to visit other people’s homes in any hamlet during Eid. It is also served with the traditional Eid dessert known as Semai.

Patla Khichuri is a typical home-cooked dish that is not often seen in restaurants. The Bhuna Khichuri is the only dish available at the restaurants. Patla Khichuri can only be sampled if you are invited to a local’s home on a wet day during the monsoon season, or if you are at a village house during the festival of Eid.


A paratha is a kind of unleavened flatbread popular in Bangladesh that is produced by baking flour dough in a frying pan and then shallow frying it at the end. By covering with oil and folding repeatedly, a laminated dough method is used to build up the layers of the cake. When it comes to breakfast in restaurants, it is the most popular Bangladeshi dish. It is often served with bhaji (mixed vegetables), lentils, or a combination of the two, and two fried eggs.

You should have breakfast with paratha, Bhaji, and egg fry, followed by tea, if you are visiting Bangladesh. This is the most traditional way to start your day in this country. Also available is Nehari with paratha, which is slow-cooked beef shank with plenty of sauce and is a very popular breakfast option among the locals.

Kachchi Biryani – A Delightful Bangladeshi Dishes

Kachchi biryani is a dish that is often served at weddings, social events, and other occasions and festivals. Kachchi biryani is made by layering layers of meat, rice, and potatoes and infusing them with warm and savory combinations of fragrant spices to create a delicious dish.

The word “Kachchi” literally translates as “raw,” and refers to the fact that the biryani components are blended uncooked in layers rather than first cooking the meat or rice separately. Bakchi biryani is traditionally prepared in a clay oven, and the cooking pot is normally tightly covered with wheat dough to enable the biryani to cook naturally by condensation of its own steam. It is not opened till the biryani is ready to be served that the pot is sealed.

In the case of Kachchi biryani, a simple salad is adequate as a side dish; but, traditionally, Shami Kabab and chutney are served alongside. Borhani is also served with Kachchi biryani, which is a traditional yogurt drink that is quite popular in the region. If you are visiting Bangladesh, you must eat the Kachchi Biryani, which is the most popular formal Bangladeshi dish that you must try at least once.

Morog Polao (Chicken Pilaf)

In Morag Polao, chicken and rice are boiled with spices, yogurt, plus clarified butter until the chicken and rice are tender and the rice is cooked to perfection (ghee). Nowadays, oil and ghee are mixed together to make the dish a bit less fatty and rich.

Morag Polao is a classic Bengali dish that is very rich in flavor. It’s not hot, and the chicken has a light and delectable flavor to it. Meat aficionados will delight in this dish since it contains significant amounts of chicken. The traditional yogurt drink known as Borhani, which is served with it, is traditionally reserved for special occasions. Morag Polao is the fourth Bangladeshi dish that you should eat if you ever find yourself in the country of Bangladesh.

Rice cooked with curry, Vorta, Vaji, and Daal – this is typical Bangladeshi cuisine.

Bangladesh’s staple cuisine is plain rice, which is consumed in large quantities. Patla Daal is served with a variety of fish and meat curries, Bhorta (mashed vegetables and fish), bhaji (fried vegetables), and a variety of vegetables (lentil soup). In Bangladesh, there is a saying that says “rice and fish create the Bengali people.” This is true. The fact that fish and rice are the most popular foods in Bangladesh may be deduced from this information.

Visit any native restaurant everywhere in Bangladesh then order rice with a variety of curries, bhortas, bhajis, and daal to enjoy while you’re there. Having lunch or supper in this manner will be the most typical option. When visiting Bangladesh, you should make it a point to taste delicious Bangladeshi cuisine for lunch at least once.

Sheek Kabab is a kind of kebab that is grilled

Sheek Kabab is made from beef or mutton that has been chopped into cubes and marinated for a lengthy period of time with spices before being skewered and barbecued. The most important key to making melt-in-your-mouth kababs is knowing how to marinade them and for how long to marinate them. The marinating time ranges from three hours to two days.

Sheek Kabab is served with a side of Naan Roti and a simple salad. It is another late-night snack that is accessible generally after 5:00 p.m. at restaurants and bars. If you’re in Bangladesh, be sure to experience Sheek Kabab at least once in the evening. You will not be disappointed!


It is a kind of lentil soup that is quite famous in Bangladesh that is spicy. Haleem is produced with wheat, barley, meat (typically minced beef or mutton), several kinds of lentils, spices, and, on occasion, rice is also included to the mixture. Using a slow cooker, this recipe is cooked for seven to eight hours, resulting in a paste-like consistency that perfectly blends the tastes of the spices, beef, barley and wheat.

Served with coriander, lemon wedges, diced ginger, green chilies, and fried onion, Haleem is a dish that is both healthy and delicious. There are instances in Bangladesh when it is served with naan or any other kind of bread. This is another another evening snack that can be found in practically any restaurant in the country. Haleem is a particular Bangladeshi dish that you must try if you ever find yourself in the country. This is something you’ll regret greatly if you do!


This is the most famous dish in Bangladesh, and is usually only available in the evenings. It has a distinct spicy, tangy, and crunchy flavor. It is made out of a circular, hollow puri that is cooked crisp and then filled with a combination of flavored water, tamarind chutney, chili, chaat masala, potato, onion, and chickpeas, all of which are served with a dipping sauce. A combination of boiling mashed potatoes serves as the filler, which is acidic rather than sweetish, and the water is sour and spicy, as is the case with Fuchka.


Rasmalai is a delicacy that can only be found in Bangladesh. This traditional Bangladeshi delicacy consists of a flattened cheese ball soaked in malai (clotted cream) and flavored with cardamom before being served warm. Malai, often known as clotted cream, has a distinct texture in and of itself.

Malai is created by heating non-homogenized whole milk to around 80 degrees Celsius for approximately one hour and then letting it to cool down to room temperature. Upon the surface, a thick yellowish film of fat and coagulated proteins develops, which is skimmed off. The procedure is frequently done many times to remove the majority of the fat.

Rasmalai may be found in almost every dessert store in Bangladesh, including restaurants. The most renowned raasmalai in Bangladesh comes from a sweet store in Comilla called “Matri Bhandar,” which is located in the city. Rasmalai is made by a number of different sweet shops in Dhaka, all of which are of high quality. If you are visiting Bangladesh, you must try some excellent quality Rasmalai while you are there.

Doi (Sweet Yogurt)

Sweet yogurt, also known as Mishti Doi in Bengali, is a classic Bengali dish that is popular across the country. It is a low-fat treat that is good for you. Sweet Yogurt & Sweets are a must-have for every Bengali celebration. It’s not your typical yogurt, either. Furthermore, it is not at all runny like curd. It is thick and rich, and it has the consistency of creamy cheesecake.

Misti Doi is a dessert cooked with milk, sugar, or jaggery, and other ingredients. It varies from plain yogurt in that it is made using a different method of processing. Traditionally, it is made by heating milk until it is somewhat thickened, sweetening it with sugar or jaggery, and leaving it to ferment overnight. Earthenware is usually used as the container for creating Misti Doi because the slow evaporation of water through its porous walls not only thickens the yogurt even more, but it also maintains the proper temperature for the development of the culture throughout the fermentation process.

After lunch or supper, sweet yogurt is a favourite dessert among Bangladeshis, who are also fond of ice cream and fruit. Sugary yogurt is most often seen in sweet shops, although it is also available in restaurants. Restaurants often offer it in little cups made of ceramic, which is a nice touch. The Sweet Yogurt of Bogra is the most well-known in the country. Ali-Baba Sweets, located in Dhaka, produces some of the greatest sweet yogurts in Bangladesh.


A popular cold dessert in Bangladesh is falooda, which is served chilled. A classic version of this dessert is produced by combining rose syrup, vermicelli, sweet basil (sabza/takmaria) seeds, and chunks of jelly with milk, which is then topped off with a scoop of ice cream, and finally decorated with chopped fruits. The vermicelli used in the preparation of Falooda may be prepared from wheat, arrowroot, cornstarch, or sago pearls, depending on the recipe.

Doi Chira

Doi Chira is a restaurant that serves traditional Bangladeshi cuisine. When making this dish, flat rice, also known as Chira, is soaked in water for many hours before being combined with sweet yogurt, sugar, bananas, or other sweet fruits. This dish is a delicious comfort meal that can soothe any upset stomach. Doi Chira is a traditional Bangladeshi dish that is quick and simple to make and requires no cooking. You should eat this Bangladeshi cuisine at least once while you are in the country.


With Biryani, Tahari, Bhuna Khichuri, or Morog Polao, this spicy yogurt drink is traditionally offered at weddings or large gatherings. It is a classic drink that is also quite simple to prepare. Borhani is a spicy side dish that contains spices like as mint, cumin, and yogurt to offset the spiciness of the main dish. It also has digestive benefits.

Borhani is available in bottled form in restaurants, but it is the handmade version served at wedding receptions that should be sampled to get a true sense of the flavor of Borhani.

Lassi is a refreshing drink

From Bangladesh comes the traditional yogurt-based drink known as lassi, which means “milk.” Yogurt, water, spices, and occasionally fruit are blended together to make Lassi. A chilled Lassis is a refreshing drink that is often consumed with lunch during the summer heat. During your stay to Bangladesh, you should taste this extremely popular drink at least once, since it is quite tasty.

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