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These The Top 10 Travel Destinations For 2022

Accordng to Holidu, a search engine, these are the top ten most popular countries around the world to go to in 2022. Finally, after more than two years of continual travel restrictions, we are allowing ourselves to dream once again. The desire to book a trip to their next location and begin making up for lost time is palpable among travelers all over the world. But, more importantly, which locations should be at the top of our travel wish list?

For the year 2022, Holidu, the search engine for vacation rentals, has compiled a list of the countries that must be visited. This score is based on an analysis of Google searches over the previous 12 months, and it indicates which countries people are most interested in visiting.

1st place: Turkey (102,100 queries per month).

It’s finally official! In terms of vacation destinations, Turkey is the most popular choice this year. Turkey is clearly the most popular destination, as shown by the total number of searches of more over 102k. Turkey offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a beach vacation in Antalya, a weekend city break in Istanbul, or a romantic getaway in Cappadocia. Turkish cuisine provides a variety of delectable specialties, including meze boards and sweet delicacies such as baklava, among others. Yum!

Grecian searches account for 89,800 searches each month.

It’s time to live out all of your Mamma Mia dreams in one place! When it comes to vacation planning, Greece is the second most sought-after destination behind the United States. This nation offers a wonderful offering of archaeology, history, art, and philosophy, as well as some beautiful beaches and crystal blue water – so everyone will be pleased while on vacation here! As if it weren’t enough, the Greek cuisine is really delicious. Anyone up for some souvlaki?

The Maldives, with 83,700 searches each month on Search engine.

The Maldives are in third position, followed by the United Arab Emirates. Easily the most opulent choice on our list, the popularity of these gorgeous islands in the Indian Ocean has surged in recent years, owing to their location in the Indian Ocean.

It’s no wonder that influencers flock to these lovely islands for their vacations, with their white sand beaches, azure blue oceans, and a lively undersea world to explore‚Ķ Over 100 resorts with their own private island, each with its own wonderful beach, can be found across the nation, so you will be happy with any island you choose to visit.

Fourth, Spain receives 74,320 searches per month.

Spain, the nation of tapas, paella, and sangria, has earned the fourth spot on the list! Spain has long been a top destination for British tourists, and the year 2022 will be no exception to this rule. Spain’s diversified terrain, which includes some of the world’s greatest beaches as well as some of Europe’s most compelling mountain ranges, is just waiting to be discovered. Spain definitely lives up to its image of being a country full of people seeking to have a good time; be prepared to partake in at least one fiesta while you’re there.

Thailand – 57,200 searches per month on the internet.

The fact that Bangkok will be crowned “The Best City on the Planet for a Workation” in 2021 comes as no surprise since Thailand is ranked among the destinations that travelers are clamoring to visit.

Make the most of your time in this wonderful nation by planning your schedule carefully. There is just too much to see and do here. Travel across Thailand’s more than 1400 islands, marveling at the beaches and wildlife that await you! Ride a tuk tuk through the frenetic streets of Bangkok at night, savor some authentic Thai street cuisine, and see some of the country’s most beautiful temples and monuments.

Cyprus 53,600 searches every month.

Cyprus is the 6th greatest visited nation in the world this year! This it be because of the captivating culture and history, sun-soaked sandy beaches, or delicious local food – we’ll leave it up to you to determine which is the case.

Cyprus is a famous destination for families as well as groups of friends since it offers a variety of activities to keep visitors occupied. Every kind of water activity imaginable, from water skiing to scuba diving, may be practiced in the Bahamas. When it comes to food, you can look forward to some creamy hummus, mouth-watering halloumi, and traditional kebabs.

Seventh: Malta (48,500 inquiries per month)

Even though Malta is a tiny country, there are several reasons why it is a popular destination for tourists this year. These little islands are home to ancient monuments, breathtaking scenery, and a rich historical legacy. Scuba diving fans will be in their element in this region, as the underwater environment is alive and thriving, and the diving destinations provide a variety of caves, crags, and wrecks to explore.

Valletta, the country’s capital, was designated as the European Capital of Culture in 2018, indicating that it is a thriving center of art, design, and architecture.

8th place: Mexico (48,400 inquiries each month).

Mexico is ranked seventh in the world! More than just the classic party destination of Cancun, this country has a lot more to offer than that. Travel to Merida or Tulum and spend the day visiting the amazing cenotes that are found there. Discover the wonders of this vibrant city by visiting Guanajuato and admiring its architectural splendor.

A visit to La Huasteca Potosina, an area characterized by breathtaking rivers and waterfalls, would appeal to nature enthusiasts. Foodies will be in heaven when on vacation at this location! Treat yourself to some mouth-watering chilaquiles for breakfast, some traditional quesadillas for lunch, and some amazing tacos at a local taqueria in the evening to round off your Mexican culinary experience.

The country of Italy has 45,400 searches every month.

Italy, perhaps the world’s most renowned culinary destination, is a dream visit for every gourmet out there! In Naples, try some pizza, in Rome, some carbonara, and in Tuscany, some bruschetta. Thirsty?

Visit Venice for a real Aperol Spritz experience! Aside from its cuisine, Italy is the nation with the greatest number of World Heritage cultural monuments than any other country in the world, making it a genuine jewel for travelers interested in seeing these historical locations.

The country of Iceland receives 44,600 monthly searches.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Iceland will maintain its position as the world’s tenth most popular destination for travel in 2022. The country of Iceland is the ideal location for those who like stunning scenery, including volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, lava fields, and other natural phenomena.

Visiting Iceland’s world-famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa is a must, and if you’re interested in Iceland’s Viking past, the National and Saga museums in Reykjavik are not to be missed.


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