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The Uk Passport Wait Period Is Growing, Know Before You Go

Individuals who want to renew their passports are discovering that the procedure is taking far longer than it used to, with UK officials asking people to submit their applications “as soon as possible.”

A large number of British holidaymakers are discovering that their passports have expired or may expire shortly as the summer vacation season draws near. It is estimated that five million individuals let their passports expire as a result of the epidemic, resulting in an unprecedented demand for passport renewals, according to the US Passport Office.

“We would tell individuals that this is a nearly unprecedented rise in demand, and if they expect to travel this summer, we would suggest them to submit their application as soon as possible,” said Kevin Foster, the Immigration Minister.

The time it takes to get a passport is much longer than it was before to the epidemic. A regular passport application used to take around three weeks to process; however, the current turnaround time is ten weeks. MPs are alleging that it is taking even longer in certain circumstances, and the government is now advising people not to schedule vacations until they have a legal passport in their possession.

Brexit has exacerbated the situation by placing restrictions on the amount of time that inhabitants of the United Kingdom may spend in continental Europe. After the first of the year 2021, individuals will only be permitted to enter an EU nation (except Ireland) if they have at least three months remaining on their passport. For non-EU nations, a visa with a validity period of at least six months is usually necessary for admission.

When do I have to renew my passport in order to go to the European Union?

Travelers from the United Kingdom, who are not citizens of the European Union, must have a passport that was issued within the past ten years. Furthermore, the passport must be valid for at least three months after the date on which they want to depart from their EU destination, unless otherwise specified.

Please keep in mind that the validity date is the passport expiration date, not the date on which the passport was first granted. For example, if you want to go to Spain on May 1 and return on May 7, your passport expiration date must be no earlier than August 7, 2022, if you plan to travel to Spain this year on May 1.

Is the three-month guideline applicable in any other part of the globe as well?

The Schengen Area nations in Europe are the only ones subject to the three-month regulation. If you are traveling to a different location, be sure you read the travel tips for that location. Most nations outside of the European Union require tourists to have six months of validity remaining on their passports before entering the country.

One significant example is Ireland, where, as a result of the Common Visit Area agreement, UK nationals do not need a passport in order to travel there. Irish immigration agents will, however, examine the identification of all passengers arriving by flight from the United Kingdom, so if you’re using your passport as identification, it must be valid for the length of your trip.

When is the most convenient time for me to renew my passport?

It all depends on when you want to go, but you’ll need to renew your passport before it expires after nine years and nine months if you want to travel.

If you have a vacation planned or are considering of taking one, double-check the expiration dates on your passport right away. You’ll need to allow at least 10 weeks for the delivery of a replacement passport, which might be an issue if you have plans to travel in May, June, or July and don’t have a valid passport.

“Now that international travel has started, we know that many people may be considering taking a vacation, yet many individuals are delaying application for a passport until the last minute,” said Abi Tierney, Director General of HM Passport Office, in a statement. “The summer vacation is quickly coming, therefore if you want a new passport, we strongly advise you to apply as soon as possible.”

Ms Tierney said that although staff members are working feverishly to ensure that passport applications are completed as swiftly as possible, applicants are strongly recommended to apply as early as possible in order to guarantee that their vacation plans run as smoothly as possible.

How to apply for a passport in the United Kingdom

For the regular service, you may submit an application online. This will cost you £75.50. Additionally, you may request a printed version via the postal service. At £85, this is the more costly of the two options.

What should I do if I need to renew my passport as soon as possible?

If you want a passport immediately, you may apply using the Fast Track or Online Premium services; however, these services are also being affected by the present backlog, so anticipate to experience delays.

The emergency passport option is available for those in need of last-minute documentation, although this is often reserved for life-or-death situations.

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