The New Covid-19 Wave Could Slow China’s Tourist Recovery

Chinese researchers have predicted that the latest outbreak of Covid-19, which began earlier this month and has spread across 28 provincial-level regions, will have a negative impact on the country’s tourism industry this year, which had otherwise been on track for a strong recovery, according to Yicai Global research.

According to the China Tourist Sites Association, a number of tourist attractions around the nation have been forced to shut as a result of the new epidemic of avian influenza. The seaside city of Qingdao in eastern Shandong province and the ancient city of Nanchang in eastern Jiangxi province, among others, have ceased activities at picturesque areas or taken steps to restrict the number of visitors.

According to a research produced by two institutions affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, this will have a substantial impact on their performance, which was projected to be one of the drivers of economic recovery this year up until this month, according to the report.

According to the National Institute of Economic Strategy and the Tourism Research Facility, there should be a steady increase in the number of visitors and the amount of money earned from tourism in 2022. Short-distance, suburban, and self-driving excursions will all do better, according to the report.

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