The Best Way to Prepare a Mongolian Road Trip

First and foremost, upon arriving in Ulaanbaatar, you must create some new acquaintances. It is the ideal location for bringing a group of individuals together to split the expense of a journey into the woods together. Make use of some of the online organizations and discussion forums to locate like-minded individuals to accompany you on your journey.

The majority of tourists in Ulaanbaatar hire a driver and a guide since it is quite difficult to go throughout Mongolia by public transportation. In Mongolia, the railroad runs straight across the country from south to north, and the only places accessible by public transportation are large cities, province capitals, and a few small villages. As a result, look for a seasoned tour guide with excellent English communication skills who can serve as your all-around assistance during your journey. Vehicle must be a dependable four-wheel-drive vehicle with a strong air conditioning system and the ability to recharge your electronic gadgets

The majority of tours begin and conclude in Ulaanbaatar. Even if you hire a driver for a one-way ride to your destination, you should anticipate the driver to charge you for both directions. When you hire a driver, you will be obliged to cover the cost of the driver’s meals and lodging while in the countryside. The charges may or may not include fuel depending on the circumstances. As a result, be certain that everything is well defined in advance. That is the way things work in Mongolia.

Limits on maximum speed

The speed limit in Ulaanbaatar is 60 kilometers per hour. On the highways, the speed limit is 80 kilometers per hour. Consider the following: the average automobile speed on rough dirt roads is 30–40 km/hour, whereas the average car speed on flat dirt roads is 70 km/hour. As a result, plan on spending 5–6 hours a day in a vehicle. Make a loose plan rather than a rigid one. A journey to the Gobi Desert will not be doable in less than 2-3 days. According to the tourist code, tour drivers are not permitted to begin driving before 6 a.m. and after 10 p.m. on weekdays and weekends, and on holidays they are not permitted to drive at all. Be realistic and avoid challenging the driver’s abilities on bumpy dirt roads that will put your back and stomach through their paces unless you are planning a really sporty raid. As a result, allow yourself adequate time to see all of the attractions.

When you look at a printed road map of Mongolia, you will see that dirt roads can be found almost everywhere in the country. Some of the asphalt roads are often worse than the dirt paths in terms of quality. After a lengthy trip, set aside some time to rest near a lake or a river and do nothing for a few more days before continuing on your journey (hiking, horse riding, fishing, and swimming).


Before you go to Mongolia, make sure you download the Mongolia map to your GPS app on your smartphone so that you can navigate around. When you’re driving across the countryside, choose a device that can function without an Internet connection. When going across Mongolia’s countryside, use Google Maps to find out which way to go; do not adhere to the precise route that is shown on the map. While it comes to cities, Google Maps is excellent, but it is not precise enough when traveling through Mongolia’s countryside.

If you get vehicle sick easily, make sure you have car sickness medication on hand. You will most likely wind up creating a massive mess in your van or vehicle since there is no genuine road to drive across the Gobi Desert. As previously said, there is no actual road to travel through the Gobi Desert. Some cars, particularly in the Gobi Desert, may not be dustproof, so be prepared to encounter some dust.

a list of things to bring

In the summer, don’t forget to carry bug repellent with you. Occasionally, when you’re sleeping in the ger, you’ll wake up to find some unexpected intruders assaulting you. That may be really inconvenient!

In the summer, choose loose-fitting clothes that will keep you covered and protected from the wind and the heat. T-shirts and shorts with sandals, on the other hand, can be a good choice. It’s possible that it will be OK in the automobile. When traveling across the Gobi Desert, you should avoid wearing sandals or shorts since your feet may burn. Climbing a sand dune with sandals and a t-shirt, or riding a horse in sandals and a t-shirt, are not recommended activities. It is preferable to use hiking shoes that are lightweight.

When it comes to technology, Mongolia is not the best location to live, unless you just want to remain in the cities for a while. Your phone is just for taking pictures, and when the battery dies, you may put your phone aside as well. You will not be able to charge your phone in the nomad ger since there is no outlet available. As a result, when on a road trip, pack a power bank and recharge it whenever feasible in the vehicle.

Pit stops are important.

It is possible that going to the toilet will be an issue. There are no decent toilets to use in the outdoors because there are none. Nature provides no privacy, but we do have a choice in how we spend our time there. Bring anything to aid with digestion, such as a pill or yeast, since you’ll be eating a lot of meat and very little veggies the most of the time. It’s possible that you’ll have days when you’re simply not up to the task.


Do not rule out the possibility that you will be forced to reduce your route owing to unforeseen circumstances such as local weather conditions, medical quarantines, and so on, or that you will be forced to change it spontaneously in order to see an interesting occurrence while on the road (a local Naadam, traditional ceremony, wedding, etc). It is important to allow your emotions to be exhilarating. You will have to pass through tiny communities in the countryside to get food, beverages, and gasoline while traveling on the road.


When it comes to gasoline, regular 92 is the most widely accessible across the nation, but the quality of gasoline in the countryside, particularly in rural settlements, is substandard. If possible, fill up your tank in large cities and towns rather than rural areas. When driving to the far western provinces of Uvs or Bayan-Ulgii, the price of fuel increases according to the distance traveled from Ulaanbaatar. The further you go, the more costly gasoline becomes.

Should I pay with a credit card or cash?

When it comes to filling up the automobile, most businesses accept credit cards, including Visa. Some people, however, do not, in which case cash is a possibility as well. Never depend on a single payment method for all of your needs.

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