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Test-Free Travel to 6 European Destinations for Vaccinated Americans

The top six European countries where vaccinated Americans may go without having their vaccinations tested. There are a few European nations that do not need vaccine-eligible Americans to undergo a Covid-19 test before – or upon – their arrival, despite the fact that most countries across the globe continue to demand it.

There is little question that the tourism industry is beginning to return to some degree of normalcy — with things beginning to resemble what they were before to the outbreak.

While there are many countries across the globe that have a list of entrance criteria that tourists must complete in order to visit, there are still some that need travellers to take a Covid-19 test and even endure quarantine before they can enter. Traveling throughout Europe, on the other hand, is beginning to seem lot more straightforward than it has in the last several years — and some nations have even started to eliminate all of their Covid-19-related entrance restrictions.

Look at some of the most popular European countries – especially among Americans who vacation – that no longer require visitors to take the Covid-19 health screening test.

United Kingdom

Fully vaccinated Americans have been permitted to enter the United Kingdom from the 11th of February without having to undergo a Covid-19 test.

Visitors visiting England, Wales, and Northern Ireland who have not yet got their Covid-19 immunization but want to do so must first undergo two Covid-19-PCR tests before entering the country. This entails taking a test before to their departure as well as on the second day following their arrival in these countries to ensure that they are in compliance.

The findings of a negative Covid-19 test, done no more than 48 hours before departure, are necessary for unvaccinated visitors wishing to enter Scotland.


The picturesque island-country of Greece has announced that American tourists who have gotten their complete vaccine dosage will no longer be required to undergo Covid-19 testing upon entry.

Travelers who had their first round of vaccination more than nine months before their departure date must, in order to be deemed fully vaccinated, have received a booster dose within the same time period.


Travelers who are fully vaccinated and who want to experience some Scandinavian culture – and taste the famed Köttbullar (Swedish meatballs) – will no longer be needed to undergo a Covid-19 test before entering Sweden.

It is presently not permitted for unvaccinated Americans to enter the country, despite the fact that the government has previously abolished all internal vaccine passports and regulations. There is an entrance restriction in place until March 31 for anyone who have not gotten a complete dosage of vaccination.


France, which had previously been the most visited nation in Europe before to the outbreak of the worldwide pandemic, is now allowing people who have been completely vaccinated to enter without having to undergo Covid-19 testing, which was previously required. The fact that travelers – those aged 18 and older – are needed to have had a vaccine booster dose is vital to remember if you got your initial set of immunizations more than nine months ago. They do not qualify as completely vaccinated if they do not meet the other requirements.


Spain, one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, is now enabling fully vaccinated tourists to take advantage of all the country has to offer, including its sun-kissed beaches, scrumptious food, and laid-back attitudes, without having to undergo the Covid-19 test.

Spanish authorities, in accordance with other countries’ policies, will not recognize you as having had a complete vaccination against Covid-19 if you received the last dose of your prior vaccine more than 270 days before your departure from the country.

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